Great Northern Wedding Show 2016

Hello Everyone,

  For those who don't follow me on social media, I would like to let you know that I have gotten engaged since I last posted on here. Also hit that follow button for instagram haha, I post almost everyday. 

  Anyway I have been having a lot of wedding fun, looking at dresses, find ''The Dress". Looking at venues, finding the venue, bridesmaids dresses and so on and so on. 

  One of the things I have wanted to do is go to a wedding fair, to look at the few things we still weren't sure of, like photographer, suits and a couple of other things. So Paul found the Great Northern Wedding Show at the USN arena in Bolton. I made sure I booked the day off and we went. 

 The event is organised by a company called Little White books (I will link all websites and social media below). A huge positive for this event is if your pre booked it was free entry, even if you just turned up on the day it was only £2 per person to get in, so BARGAIN!!!!

 Another big draw for …

My Current Relationship 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Guys 

Hope you're all ok. 

As you can tell today is all about my relationship. As a lot of you know I have a boyfriend and his name is Paul. We have been together for almost 2 years. 

Honestly I don't have a clue what else to say about my relationship, so I suppose I'll give you a brief history of it (haha I sound like I'm writing an essay). 

 So like I said me and Paul have been together for nearly 2 years, we met through a mutual friend and just got talking. Before meeting Paul I classed myself as gay, all my previous proper relationships had been with women, but when I met him something happened and it just felt right. I hadn't met anyone like him, and he just made me feel safe (he still does).

Oh god I'm sorry I know this is a proper mushy blog post. 

 In the beginning we had to over come the distance between us. I was living in Birmingham with my mom and dad and Paul lived in Warrington. We went back and forth on the train and it was so hard let me tell you. …

Likes and Dislikes 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Guys 

Hope you're all ok

So today is all about my likes and dislikes. I think my likes are going to be easier but we will see how I go. Have fun reading. 

1. I love Cheese
2. Lazy Sundays with coffee and breakfast is bed with Paul is the best way to spend my time.
3. I like to paint my nails.
4. I have a bit of an obsession with taking selfies and if anyone ever went through my pics, selfies of me and pictures of coco are really the only thing you will find. 
5. I could probably live off chicken with the amount I eat, I can't help it, I just love it.  
6. I love animals, I have coco my dog, smudge my hamster and mortimer and mildred my giant african land snails. 
7. I love baths, and I have been known to sit in a boiling hot bath for up to 2 and a half hours maybe even longer just watching netflixs or youtube videos. 
8. I love the idea of being a proper 50s housewife, and I love the 50s style. 
9. Karaoke is like the best thing ever.
10. I love trips to ikea. Meatballs, swedish words …

10 Years time 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Guys 

Hope you're all ok. 

So continuing on with my Blog challenge I would like to go a bit into the future and see what I would love to be doing and where I would like to be in 10 years time. 

I would like to be working from home, maybe blogging full time or making youtube videos (which I know doesn't happen over night but I love it and would love it to happen). I love the idea of being a stay at home mom but I know I would get bored so I would need something to do and something that I am passionate about. 

So the second thing as you guessed from before is I would love to have at least one child. Me and Paul have spoken about kids and we both want them and I am hoping that give it 10 years I will be 38 and I will have had at least one child. 

Specking of me and Paul, I would like it if we were married. Like most little girls I have had my wedding planned out in my head since I was about 7 but since growing up the details have changed (plus I suppose Paul needs to have a say in …

About Me - 30 Day blog challenge

Hi Guys 

Hope you're all ok. 

So today kick starts me second attempt at doing a 30 day blog challenge, I had a bit of a blip on the last one but I really want to do another to make up for it. 

Today is telling you a few things about myself. So I thought I would give you a few facts about me hehe, happy reading 

1. I am 28. 
2. I am originally from Birmingham but I currently live in Warrington 
3. I work in Manchester. 
4. I am obsessed with cheese. 
5. I have a dog called Coco she is a doberman lurcher cross, she is chocolate brown and we got her from Cheshire dogs home. 
6. I don't wear make up everyday, I like to let my skin breath every once in a while. 
7. I have a big book collection and I am trying to get through all of them before I buy another one but sadly that plan isn't working. 
8. I have become obsessed with OITNB and I am so sad I have to wait another year for the next one.
9. I HATE nuts, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts anything, but give me marzipan and I am so happy, yep …

The Power of Make Up

Hi Guys

Hope you're all ok

I have been having a little break from my blog but I'm back and here to stay.

This post is based on a youtube video I recently watched by Becca Rose. She is one of my favourite youtubers and I am a bit obsessed with her channel. A few weeks ago she filmed a video about the power of make up, she had gotten the idea from another youtuber (Nikki Tutorials). (To watch their videos please click the links below)

Becca Rose
Nikki Tutorial 

 The video is all about how women are seen by some men as being fake when they wear make up. There has been a number of memes and pictures flying around social media like this :

Which is aimed at other men, telling them to take girls out on a first date to a swimming baths so they can see their true faces. 
There has even been a story in the media (although I am not sure how reliable it is) that a man was sueing his wife for mental damages after seeing her with no make up on the day after they got married
I don't wear make u…

Boots No 7 Moisturiser Review

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok 

It has been AGES since I have done a product review and so I thought ooo I have been using my No 7 day cream for a while so I would let all you guys in on what its been doing for me. 

So here we go ... 

For all of you who have followed my blog from the beginning you know I am a bit of a brand follower. I will find a brand and if I love it I will buy everything, but and here is the shocker, I am a trying to get out of this routine. 

The moisturiser I have always used has been my Nivea Daily essentials day cream for normal/combination skin. It really had been part of my routine since finding the brand when I was 18, oh gosh nearly 10 years. 

 I decided I needed a change when the skin on my t zone started to become very flaky even after moisturising. So when I went into boots one day to top up on my foundation I found a new one. 

I spoke to the girl at the No 7 counter in Boots and told her about the problem I had been having, I originally thought it had been the chang…