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Monday, 4 December 2017

Day 4 - Blogmas

What I love about christmas

Day 4 of Blogmas and I hope you are all enjoying these blogs, I want to keep them interesting for you but also not too long so it doesn't seem full on. 

So today is all about why I love Christmas so much. 

I guess most people would say that it is getting gifts and a few years ago I think I would have said that without a doubt. I love getting gifts as much as the next person but being on the edge of 30 years old, things are very different for me, I look at things a lot differently. 

For me it is totally and utterly getting to spend time with my family. The last two years myself and Paul have had our families come stay with us, but this year it will just be Paul, Coco and I at home. I can't wait for it. 

I also love the feeling of christmas, I love the build up to the day, a couple of weeks before either walking through town or hearing the christmas music, its like you can feel it. 

Lastly I love the food (OBVIOUSLY). When I was little my mom would do dinner early and then we would have like a mini buffet on the night time, with cake and biscuits and cheese and left over meat. Since being with Paul we tend to have dinner early and then later at night we will have a mini christmas dinner on a cob (or barm or roll what ever you call it). We also have chocolates during the day. Paul's dad and I love Terry's Chocolate Orange so that is our chocolate of choice here. 

What do you all love about christmas?? 

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love