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Monday, 14 August 2017

Organise Me.....Please

Organisation ......... Organisation.

When I hear that word I get a huge smile on my face, my heart beats faster and my mind flips through all of the stationary I want to buy to get myself organised. I then rush out, spend a fortune on books, planners, pens and everything else I think I need and then ......... nothing. I loose my groove and forget to write things down, I then kick myself for spending so much money and end up not planning anything.

So why do I need to change? Well for One I am 29 years old and I need to think about my life as a grown women and not a stationary loving student (although I will ALWAYS love stationary, yes August is my favourite time of year, I still feel like I need new pens and books when ever I see them on sale, like Meg Ryan in 'You've Got Mail' I feel like having a bouquet of new pens).

Two I am getting married next year and I have so much to plan, my wedding is only small so it doesn't need a planner of its own but I still need somewhere I can write everything down since I am doing a LOT of DIY, I want somewhere I can have it all and not have one planner for each thing.

Three I want somewhere I can put mine and Pauls rotas, so I know when we are together and when we aren't, and last but not least blogging. I love writing my blog and when I don't write I feel like I don't have an outlet for all my stress. Having depression and anxiety I know I need an outlet to calm me down, otherwise I will have everything cooped up in my head and it will stress me out even more, and that is how I end up having bad days.

So what am I going to do, first not spend money I bought a Pukka Pad a while ago so I will be using that. I have pens so I will use those and I also have a few roles of Washie tape too, so even though I am not good at drawing, my planner can still have some flash to it.

I am going to plan out what I want, going through day week and month, what do I need a section for? A colour for? Then once I have it planned out I will plot it all in. I know the main sections will be, Work, Wedding, Blog and Personal. The personal things will have days when me and Paul are both off together, or any appointments or anything we have with Coco like vets appointments.

I am going to religiously follow this, by keeping it in my handbag ALL the time, so I will get use to it being there. I hear it takes 30 days for you to get into a habit so I will plan it out before September and start it then, and keep you updated in October how I am getting on.

I really want this to work, but if it doesn't has anyone else got any ideas ? How do you get organised? Do you find anything that helps? Give me some tips

See you all soon
Lots of Love