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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Lindy Bop Skirt

Curve Fashion Festival is the best place to meet people to have a good time and be around like minded people but it is above all a fashion event. When I found out the final line up of brands that were going to be at Curve this year I got very excited about Lindy Bop. There dresses are amazing and such good quality. So you can guess my first stop was at that stall.

We went straight over and I was greeted by the lovely Lindy Bop girls, one girl who I got talking to was called Sophie, she was so nice and so easy to talk to and knew everything about the brand. She told me to have a look around and I could get to see some of the new season items they were bringing out, needless to say all the new pieces are gorgeous. What took my eye more then anything was a skirt, it was black and white stripped with a pink flower design in the middle, you wouldn't even need to wear a petticoat with it as it would sit really nicely without.

I knew I would have to wait till next season before I was able to get it so I took a pic and kept it in mind.

I had wondered back to the stall a few hours later and Sophie told me that at 4pm they would be selling everything on the stand. I asked if that included the new season items and she said yes, since they are what the models wore on shoots they were all a size 22 and they would sell them all with 20% off. I don't think I need to tell you I was over the moon.

I raced back at 4pm and got my hands on the skirt, I had fallen so much in love with. It is so soft and such a good material. It has pleats running around it and it really does sit so nicely.

I took it out for a test drive yesterday, I paired it with a black top I tucked into the skirt and a cardi, with black flats, but with the colours on the skirt you can also pair it with a pink of white top or cardi.

I doesn't feel heavy when you wear it. It flows really nicely and I am honestly so glad I got it, I know we are going into autumn now but I will be wearing this a lot more, another amazing addition to this skirt is POCKETS yes ladies that amazing 7 letter word all women love to hear about in dresses and skirts and trust me when I took it out I used full advantage of those bad boys. In the pictures your about to see I wanted to twirl but sadly being on a rock and twirling would not have ended well with a huge lake behind me.

There are many more things LindyBop are going to be bringing out this season including a cute Stag jumper, unicorn bags and a very cute dress that looks like it has a scene from 'Heidi'. I can see my wardrobe growing in the next few months.

The skirt will retailing for £25 and will be on the website at the end of September. Grab it before it goes.

Love you loads