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Monday, 14 September 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok

So today's blog is all about goals, my current 5 goals. These I found very easy to write, I think about what I want for the year coming ahead and try and do my best to make these goals come true.

1: Improve My Blog:
Number 1 is to make more of my blog, I love writing it and it helps me relax and makes me so happy to think people actually read what I write. I want to try and publish my blog a lot quicker then I do at the moment, which I have trouble doing just because of my working schedule. I tried to put a timer on my blogs but it didn't work right and didn't publish them at the right time. So my main goal at the moment is to focus more on my blog. 

2: Make Some Vlogs:
So I have a youtube channel that I am doing nothing with at the moment but just like my blog I would like to make more of it. Right now I am trying to learn how to edit my videos so once I have learnt that I will be putting together more videos, but I will let all of you lovely people know when I upload my videos. 

3: Redecorating My Home:
Recently Paul and I picked out some paint for the dinning room, Paul also ordered some chalk paint which is amazing for making over wood items. Our dinning room table and a side board we have is made of wood and we are planing on painting them. We have picked out a very light green for the wall, which we are going to use only on the chimney breast, the rest will be kept white. For the chalk paint Paul has ordered a few colours and we are currently sanding down the table and playing around with the colour but it is a lot cheaper then buying brand new painted furniture, plus it is something we get to do together. 

4: Grow My Nails:
I have been a nail bitter since before I can remember, but right now I would LOVE to grow them. I have had acrylic nails and false nails, and I love the way they make me feel. So I am trying to grow them as much as I can, I am using Sally Hensons ''Hard As Nails'' at the moment and it makes them grow so quickly so I am going to carry on using that and see how I go, wish me luck??? 

5: Read More Books:
I have always loved reading, but I feel like I don't have a lot of time for it at night, so I try and read when I am on my commute to work. At the moment I am reading "The Rules of Life" By Richard Templar, it is giving me so much positive thoughts. It makes you think of situations differently, which for me is a really good thing. I tend to over think a lot of things and this book is really helping me not do that. My next book is going to be "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne which is another positive thinking book. 

What are your current goals? Anything different? Any books you think will be good?

See you soon 

Lots of Love