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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Preparing your Lips For Winter

Luscious, juicy, full and plump. These are all words we use to describe our lovely lips! Sadly for me, most of the time the words I use are cracked, dry and peeling and trust me these are words you never want use for anything let alone your lips. I have had so many problems with my lips from peeling when I wear matte lipsticks, to being soar and cracking in the winter. 

I can't be the only person in the world that has so many problems with my lips, so I thought I would try a few different brands of lip care products and see which I find is the better one for me, then give all you gorgeous people my advice. 

First up I tried Carmex Classic. I had heard of Carmex before but I had never tried it. I spoke to one of my friend's Linzi and she said it was the best. I popped into one shop, Ill let it remain nameless, (but lets say its a very big toiletries place that has the same name as a piece of footwear) and it was £2.69. I went in to Primark and found it for the bargain £1, so there is the first tip, shop around!! Anyway back to the lip balm. It smells like a sweet minty smell, its really nice, it doesn't feel greasy either or sticky. There is a slight shine on your lips when it first goes on but nothing too much. 

I really like this one it did help my lips but I did need to apply it a lot. Maybe it is just me not applying enough to start with. The biggest downside for me with Carmex is that it really makes my lips tingle, just on the verge of stinging which I really don't like. It does help my lips but I just really don't like the feel of it. 

Who remembers those Black Jack sweets from when they were a kid? (Bare with me I haven't changed my blog post this does lead somewhere I promise) They were in the pick n mix section and they tasted like liquorice. Well if your anything like me this next lip balm will have you craving them when you try it!! This is LipQ's Liquorice Balm* and the smell is so good. For anyone suffering from cold soars too, the liquorice is meant to help to keep them away. 

This has a very wet formula, which I found fine, it makes it easier to get out of the tin, you get a lot in one tin too 30g's so you will have it for a while. The price tag is rather high for a lip balm, it is £7.95 so for that I do expect a lot.

I only suffer from cold soars in really bad winter and since I haven't had any while testing this I can't really comment on how it is with them but I will keep you updated. I don't feel like it is greasy and again isn't sticky in anyway. The only downside I would say is that price tag, but as I said I will keep you updated so if I do get any cold soars I will let you know how it deals with them. 

Lastly is this little gem from Neve's Bees, it is their Chocolate Orange lip Balm*. This is a family ran business with a cute story behind it. Neve is the daughter of the owner and when she was 10 she asked her granddad to buy her some bee's for her birthday. So this isn't just some big huge corporation where all they care about is profit. This is a very nice family run company who care about their products and where they are from. The bees make the wax to go inside all the products they sell. The lip balm comes in different flavours and when I got this one the smell was AMAZING, it isn't overpowering or anything, just makes me feel like reaching for a Terry's Chocolate Orange!!!! 

This one I did put through a bit of a big test, I took this to the Lake district with me. It fit really nicely into my make up back because it is nice and compact, but also just slipped into my pocket when I went out for walks. It feels nice on my lips, plus the fact it lets me smell chocolate all day. 

The only downside to it I found was that when I first got it the balm was a little hard but after a couple of swirls it went softer, so do keep swirling when you get yours. It is £4.50 which yes for a lip balm again is on the higher range but if you think it is all natural ingredients from our friends the bees (save the bees) then you know what you are paying for. This is defiantly my favourite lip balm, I just feel that it helped me a lot more then the other two. 

With the winter coming in soon, I really do think you need to take care of your lips, especially if you are like me and you get chapped lips so easily. So check these three out and see what works for you. 

See you Soon 
Lots of Love 

* This item was gifted to me but all the view's are my own.