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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Gift Ideas For Xmas on A Budget

I will freely admit that this year Christmas for us is on a budget. Paul and I are still saving for our wedding which is in July, so I thought I would show you some ideas for gifts in case you are looking for gift ideas but not sure where to look.

Trust me you can get some right bargains out there and there are more places to go rather then Boots 3 for 2, not that there is anything wrong with Boots, but lets face it, it is still pricey.

Yep you heard me Primark, they are now doing a lot more beauty products, not just make up but hair too. They are 2 in 1 so this means u can straighten your hair like normal, but this has rounded ends which means it also doubles up as a curler, so if you are like me and you like to have a little curl and movement in your hair this is brill for it.

For all those music lovers out there this is brill! You get Headphones, Earphones and a bluetooth speaker. They come in different colours including Rose Gold and Black. Perfect for parents to get kids who blast music too much, or for someone travel, or if like me you love playing music while doing house work the speaker is perfect.

My dad has always said he wanted a jigsaw, I got his from B&Q and that was £29, I know this is not that much cheaper but as Tesco says ''every little helps'' so to the person in your life who likes power tools, this is a nice little saver.

Everyone must remember this game from there childhood, I do. On the website it says ages 4-8 but I say 4 - no age limit. Perfect game for Christmas day. Imagine it, all presents opened dinner is in the oven, and the whole family sit down with some music and play hungry hippos, seems like a good day to me. This is currently £12.99 in B&M, so little saving but still a saving.

For me there is nothing better then coming home on Christmas Eve getting into new pjs and watching a nice film. I love these pjs, they include little bed socks too so you really can get nice and cosy.

So that is it for my little gift guide, I hope it gives you a couple ideas as to where to get some bargains and also to shop around and find the same things in different places. Let me know if you find any other good gifts. 

See you Soon
Lots of Love