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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok 

Day 15 is all about thinking of my future, 5 years in the future to be exact, but what do I want to do in the future??? 

 I could do the dream, win the lottery be able to spoil my friends and family and have a good life .... or I can be realistic, lets go with the second one. 

 Part of me, thinks 'Omg 5 years that is AGES away' but then the grown up part of me thinks 'actually this is not that far away its already SEPTEMBER!!' so I am torn on the whole thing but by the time I am 32 I would love to be married. As most girls do I have always thought about my wedding day and it has changed so much from when I was little, in the beginning it was a HUGE poofy dress with a mile long train with a million flowers. Now that I am 27 I have narrowed that down a bit (due to budget only of course if I had my first dream of winning the lottery this would totally still happen haha). Instead I would love something small, with the people that mean the most to us, but the most important thing is that we all have fun. 

 My second thing I would love to have happened in 5 years time is that I would love to either have or be thinking about having a baby. I love kids, I work with kids and seeing them all the time gets you so broody especially when the new babies come in, I know I probably see them at good times but there just amazing and being a mommy is a dream to me.

 Another thing I would love to do to have overcome my fear of flying and have gone on a holiday abroad maybe Italy or even America. I have never been on a plane and have never even thought about going on one, its just because of my fear of heights. I think its better to have my feet of the floor, but you never know I may have gotten over this fear in 5 years and be jet setting everywhere .... hopefully. 

So what about all of you guys? What do you think you will be doing in 5 years??? Any thoughts on how I can get over this whole flying fear??

See you soon 

Lots of Love