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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Curve Fashion Festival

Curve Fashion Festival is amazing on so many levels, first you get to see new seasons items with brands that you love. You get to talk to the brands themselves as well. Fashion shows give you inspiration on how to wear the clothes you have fell in love with, but what I love the most about it is that you get to meet amazing people you have seen online, from Instagram, Blogs or Twitter.

 This year was my second time attending and this year was so much bigger then ever, I love that this event is growing and growing because it proves us fat girls and boys are here and we aren't going anywhere.

 As soon as I walked in I made my way straight over to Lindy Bop stand. I have always loved Lindy Bop clothing, I am such a vintage girl at heart and love nothing more then a 50s style dress with a petticoat. Trust me this season is going to knock your socks off. Not only are Lindy Bop giving you utterly gorgeous clothes but they are also moving into the home too, so pop over and check them out.

 I first spotted this outfit and just died, it is amazing I love it and I need it in my life, not only is it perfect for Autumn Winter but the jumper is so soft. The skirt is so nice the love the top of it comes over the belt it is such a nice detail. Perfect for walks or a nice day out.

The girls are the stall were all lovely and just as nuts about Lindy Bop as I was (well maybe more then me since they worked there). One girls there was called Sophie and she was showing me the new lines (which you can see on the rail to the left of the picture above). I went through and picked out some of my favourite pieces. Including a dress with little Heidi like looking characters on.

This skirt I managed to get my hands on, I have written a review of it and you can find that here.

Another stall I fell in love with was Live Unlimited London, I got the chance to se some of there Autumn Winter line and fell in love with a coat they had, it is gorgeous, its blue with a removable fur shrug going round it which is so unbelievably soft, I just wanted to stand and stroke it all day and probably would have done given half the chance.

The other things I got to do at Curve was to listen to the amazing Grace and Megan talk about being influencers. Both girls are such an inspiration and they do really seem so down to earth.

I also got to meet Megan a little later on when I got her book signed. I have loved Megan's Instagram for such a long time, she is such an inspiration and if you are ever having a down day with your body confidence she is the person you need to look for. Since I have began to read her book I have been boosted up 10 times more then before and I am not even 100 pages in yet.

Like I said before she is a genuinely nice person and so so sweet.

I also got to meet up with these awesome ladies!!!

Woo is the world ready for two Charlottes!!!!

Sam is such a sweetheart, no matter when we meet she always gives me a good selfie!

I loved Leahs glitter, it honestly made me think she looked like a mermaid.

First time I ever met Rosie, and I think I may have scared her (oops) I saw her as I was leaving and just sort of yelled omg can I have a selfie with you! So Rosie if your reading this I am sorry I was just super excited. We then spoke about how I can improve my victory role skills since my curls didn't last the day.

I also met Tess Holiday, this is the third time I have met her and she was lovely, she signed her book and even gave Paul a handshake.

Without a doubt this is my favourite picture that gets taken every year at Curve, it is organised by the lovely Debz, and it includes the most amazing group of women u will ever meet, they are all beautiful, creative, honest and down right SEXY!!!! This is the big blogger picture taken so again thank you so much Debz for organising it every year.

All in all Curve was AMAZING this year, not only did I get to see (and buy) gorgeous clothing, I got to meet new people and catch up with old friends. If someone has never been to Curve I really do recommend it, don't be nervous to go alone either trust me you are welcomed with open arms. Also next year if you see me grab me for a selfie I want loads with everyone haha.

Thank you guys so much for reading.

Love you lots

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Curve Fashion Festival

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok 

 There is something I have been very excited about for a while now and I haven't managed to tell all you lovely people about, that is a brilliant event that is going to be taking over Manchester Central on the 26th September this year, if you are in the area, love plus size fashion and want to meet up with genuinely lovely people this is the place to be, it is non other then The Curve Fashion Festival and I cant wait to go. 

The day is going to be so exciting, there is a huge hall where all the fashion stalls are going to be, with high street stores including New Look, Evans and Simply Be as well as many others. Online retailers BooHoo (hehe when ever I say it I always sing the song, asos curve, and Very and LOADS of independent retailers, including one of my favourites which I will tell you about later. 

 There will be 2 catwalk shows and seminars. Three utterly beautiful ladies are also going to be there Hayley Hasselhoff, Louise O'Reilly and Tess Holliday (who I am VERY excited to meet again she is such a sweet person) who will also be selling some of her 'Eff your beauty standards' products (thats my favourite I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!) I don't care how much they are I am getting that t-shirt I've been waiting for it in the uk for so long. 

If you would like to check out the website for full details you can find it here: 


If I have managed to make you so excited all by myself and you would like to buy your tickets now click the link below and book your tickets now, they are selling fast:


Well guys for me I cant wait to go and I hope to see you all there, so I will leave you with the amazing image of those lovely ladies :D 

See you soon 

Lots of Love