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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 6 - Blogmas

Christmas Day Menu

FOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD I love food at Christmas, I sometimes feel like I need to eat and drink my way through the entire day, which lets face it most people will do too.

I suppose the best place to start is

Breakfast -

Last year my parents where here for breakfast as the stayed over for a few days, I ended up getting like 3 packets of bacon and we all had bacon and egg butties. This year I can see me and Paul being no different. We will ether have bacon and egg butties, or a full fried breakfast. My dream would be to have coffee in bed, while watching some Christmas movies, then coming downstiars opening presents, then having a proper full friend breakfast, bacon, sauage, egg, beans, mushrooms and toast, with a nice cuppa.

Christmas Day Dinner -

This year since it is just me and Paul we will probably not go over the top with dinner. I will do my roats potatoes which Paul likes, we will have a nice Turkey Crown, with veg and LOADS of stuffing (yes please just pass me the bowl and a spoon). I may do mash too and of course a gallon of gravy. This year I will try my hardest to make my dad gravy. Two years ago it didn't go to plan, last year dad was here so he made it, but this year (third times a charm) will be my year. I will get this gravy right!!! It is a nice recipe that my dad has given me so fingers crossed I will get it right.


Cheese, cheese, cheese, chocolate and probably more cheese. I dunno if you know this about me but I like cheese, especially caramelised onion cheese. I can eat cheese all day if I wanted, so this year I am going to make sure I have a few different ones in and then we can just pick at it with some crackers while we wait for dinner to be cooked.

Selection Box-

Need I say anymore!!!

I know that Christmas is not all about food but it is a very good place to start, when you cant really go out of thr house all day.

What food will you all be eating???

Merry Christmas
Lots of Love