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Friday, 13 October 2017

Last 3 Months of 2017

As much as I am in denial, 2017 is swiftly coming to an end. So with only 3 months left I want to do a little bucket list of the end of the year to see how many of these things I get done before the year is out.

These little quarterly (ish) lists are good just to keep you on track and to show how much you can and cant do. Anything I don't get done I will move them over to the next three months and so on.

- Finish Megan Jayne Crabbes book ''Body Positive Power''
    I got this book at Curve Fashion Festival and being a bit of a slow reader it is taking me a while to finish it but honestly I don't think a book has touched me as much as this one has. Megan should honestly be the person who goes round schools telling pupils and teenagers that they need to embrace their bodies. She is an unbelievable human being who is such a sweet person and who needs to get a million stars for being so good. She has made me look at my body in such a different way, I no longer feel that I have to be anything but me. If I want to eat Krispy Kremes, dairy milks and Maccies all in one day I bloody well will. This is my body and I will do what I want, if I want to spend the day eating a salad and drinking water I bloody well will because it it my body and I will do what I want with it. No one has the right to tell you how to live and Megan explains this in the book as well as little exercises to give you a little kick up the bum to accepting your body as it is.

- Second get a passport.
     Yes to peoples shock and amazement I have never been on a plane (insert gasp here). I have been out the country I have been to France twice and I have also been skiing in Italy, but when I was 18 I was mugged and my passport was in my bag and I have never gotten a replacement. With me getting married next year I need a passport to prove I am who I say I am, so I suppose I better get my but moving with this one.

-Third Do more YouTube
   YouTube is something I have ALWAYS loved, I watch so many people, so I finally took the plunge last month to start filming myself, at this moment I have 3 videos on my computer ready to be edited but I am a bit scared. One is a Lush haul which is fine with, one is a vlog when we went to Dunham Massey, and the last is a make up tutorial, that is were I get scared. I know I am opening myself up to critasisum when I make videos but I worry people will just slate me for how I do my make up. So the video is made up of me saying over and over ''This is how I do my make up I am not a make up artist this is just what works for me' which is all I kept saying. So maybe I just need to get over my fear and just do it. I think my target for the end of the year is to upload another 12 videos, so 1 per week for the rest of the year. So watch this space.

-Forth Getting into a proper skin care routine
   I normally have good skin, I don't get breakouts, I have a bit of redness but apart from that I have good skin....Till now that is, over the last week or so I have been getting spots and breakouts. I think its because I am breaking the number 1 rule in make up and going to bed with my make up on! I now its a shock but I bet I am not the only person who does it. I am trying at the moment to get into a routine of getting in from where ever I have been and if I know I wont be going back out, taking my make up off and washing my face properly, also using a scrub twice a week, just to make my skin feel a bit better. The scrub I am using at the moment is the Nip n Fab scrub, you only need to tiniest amount and trust me you can feel it working. I got this one free in a goodie back at Curve Fashion Festival but this will be repurchased.  

I think 4 things in 3 months is enough for me at the moment. So keep an eye on this blog in the new year and lets see how I have kept up with this little bucket list.

See you soon
Love you Lots

Friday, 25 August 2017

What Makes Us Beautiful

      ''Beauty is in the eye of the beholder''

Now I am no genius but to me this saying basically means that beauty is what your eye sees. So why is it then whenever I open a magazine, log onto my Instagram or turn on the tv all I see is '' Who wore it better'', ''Who gained weight'', ''Who's too thin'', ''Who lost weight'', ''What celebs look like without make up'' and trolls ripping into women and men for how they look.

Well I am hear to say BLOODY STOP!!!! What does it matter to them what we look like? The last time I looked the world was not a cookie cutting factory, making every single person into one persons image of what they consider to be beautiful (before I continue am I the only person who hears Bruce Almighty B E A UTIFUL in their head when they type out beautiful?? No just me then, anyway back to it).

My philosophy is that everyone is beautiful (Bruce Almighty haha, sorry I'll stop now). No matter what you are beautiful, you make the world a better place, you matter.

No matter what any troll or magazine or anyone says, you do not have to change yourself for anyone, unless you want to change. Never listen to anyone who tells you, you need to change, because unless YOU want to why should you.

If you are not happy with how you are then yes I agree with you, you change, but do it for you and no one else. It is exactly the same as if you are fat, yes I said it FAT!!!! Come on people it isn't a bad word it is a descriptive word just like any other. If you are happy then you strut your stuff down that street, you do you!!!

I am all for make up and yes I wear it everyday, I do not see the harm in it, I like it and it makes me feel good about myself, so why would I stop using it because someone tells me, its misleading, or its like hiding who I am, erm stop no it is not hiding anything it is enhancing my already beautiful face.

Why tell people what you can and cant wear, I'm so sorry if my bare leg is offending you,
DON'T LOOK. No one is forcing you to look at me, so don't, turn away and look in another direction, because I am here to stay and I don't care if I am not ''meant'' to wear short skirts or horizontal strips I will wear what I want to. I ''should'' wear black because it makes you look thinner, yes it may make me look it but maybe I wear it because of that I like the colour. So again I will wear what I want and look how I want because I am beautiful.

All you gorgeous plus size people out there this is not just for you. There are amazing men and women out there who love going to the gym and making themselves feel better by working out, and look as good as they want to. There is nothing wrong with it, and it makes u beautiful. DO NOT let anyone say you are ''working out too much'' or ''your too big'' if you get your groove on by going to the gym and pumping some iron (I am so not cool for saying that lol) then do it hunny, you do what ever makes you feel happy because happiness is beautiful.

To all those trolls out there, maybe you need to take a closer look at yourselves and find out what makes you beautiful, maybe that will stop you from trying to drag down other.

To me beauty is much more then skin deep, it is who you are, it is what makes you you.

The following people are the people who make me smile, make me happy, they lift me up when I feel down and inspire me to be a better person, they represent all that I see as beautiful in the world, they are strong, smart, savvy, sexy and unique individuals. If I could have a picture of everyone on earth I would because you are all beautiful. So just remember, you do you!







Mell and her gorgeous Daughter Isabelle








Lucy and Adam

Aaron and Sarah

How about all you gorgeous people reading this, share your selfie in the comments and show the world how beautiful you all are.

I love you all you beautiful people!!!!
Lots of Love