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Monday, 14 September 2015

Shopping trip to Yours

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok. 

A couple of weeks ago I thought as a little treat to myself that I would go shopping, so I popped into the Warrington Yours Clothing store. The last time I had gone in it didn't have a lot of new styles and I ended up leaving. I put up a tweet that I wasn't happy there wasn't much of a choice and Yours replied they actually replied, I was so excited. 

Firstly I think that it is amazing that such a huge retailer like Yours actually gets back to their customers, secondly total fan girl moment hehe. 

So this time going in I was first greeted by some of the brand new styles I had seen on the website, the next thing I noticed was that lovely word "Sale". 

I wondered around the front part of the store and saw a blouse I had been eyeing up on the website so I grabbed it in my size and kept looking around. I wondered into the sale section and saw a top that looked so nice, thankfully it was in my size. 

I also picked u two of the tops for £12 one fully purple and the other was purple and stripy. Right at the back of the store was a last chance section and in there I found a checkered blouse which was in my size, I took that and headed straight for the changing rooms. 

First I tried on one of the 2 for £12 tops, 

(You can find the 2 for £12 tops here)

I have to admit I didn't like it on, my lumps and bumps were showing and it seemed a lot more tight on me then on the hanger, but if I would have gone a size bigger it would have looked too baggy on me sadly, so unfortunately that was a no. 

Next was the blouse I saw when I first walked in that I had seen on the website, 

(You can find this blouse here)

This top is amazing, it is very sheer but I can wear a top under it. I have a few blouses like this from Yours and I love them all, it skims right across your body it doesn't bulge anywhere and would look amazing with either jeans or a pair of leggings. The only problem I found with this was that around the button holes and the stitch lining at the bottom was very threaded and had come away which I didn't like, I thought about buying it because it is so nice and the design was amazing but I really worried that even if I ordered it off line the material would still do that on the buttons and the edges so sadly I didn't buy it. 

Then I tried on the top from the sale 

(I have looked on the website and I cant find this anywhere 
but here is the link to the sale, they still have lovely items on their)

This I loved, it didn't make my limps and bumps stick out, it went across my body so nice and I love the material it is so nice and soft. The top part next to the neck is a sheer material, it doesn't hide the hanger things, you know those little bits that help to keep it on a hunger in the store and in your wardrobe, but you can easily cut those off. The top on me (being the midget that I am) comes about a quarter of the way down my thighs which just covers my bum. What I love is that I can wear this with leggings and it would cover my bum and I can also pull it up a little bit and wear it with my jeans. I bought this and is currently in the wash as I couldn't wait to wear it. 

Finally I tried on that lovely Last Chance blouse, 

I am in LOVE with this top, the material is lovely, it isn't tight on my arm at all, which normally happens with these types of tops. The only down side to it is that if I button it all up then it bulges open because I have a big bust. Again this slides over my body not pointing out my lumps and bumps. I bought this too, even though it has that gap, I thought to myself I can wear my black top underneath and maybe add a little black belt just under the bust to give it a little more shape. I love that instead of buttons it has poppers and you could also wear it open with a top under or totally closed up. Very versatile. 

 The thing that I felt a little confused by was that a couple of days ago I went onto the Yours website, I was looking through seeing the new styles and come across none other this this top, it turns out that it wasn't Last Chance, it was just in the wrong section. I'm not mad just so glad I saw it otherwise I would have missed this gorgeous shirt since there is not a lot of sizes left on the website at the moment. So if you like it grab it before its gone, check it out here

I had a great time in the store and the staff were very friendly and helpful, so thank you Yours for having a great social team who reply and listen to your customers, lovely clothes and a great store. 

Hope you guys like my little shopping trip. 

See you soon 

Lots of Love