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Monday, 14 September 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok 

So Day 7 is all about my favourite songs so I looked on my ipod and at youtube and see all the songs I listen to and brought together my top 5 favourite songs at the moment.

Song 1 : G.R.L Ugly Heart 
This song may be a few years old and I totally forgot about it until the other day while getting ready for work, it came up on youtube as recommended music and I got so excited. I tend to listen to it whenever I am getting ready, it is such a party tune and helps me to hurry but I also dance and sing along to it in between so maybe when I am in a rush this isn't the best song to listen to. 

Song 2: Taylor Swift Bad Blood 
I don't think you can have a group of songs that isn't somewhat connected to Taylor Swift, I love listen to this song and the videos is amazing, bringing together the actresses and models as superheros I think is a great idea. The lyrics are so good.

Song 3: Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars Uptown Funk 
What is there to say about this song? It is funny, catchy and brings together two of my favourite artists, that is all I can say really. 

Song 4: Little Mix Black Magic 
The video to this song is based on one of my favourite films, "The Craft" with a less of a terror ending twist of course, I have loved Little Mix since X factor and they are getting better and better the more they do, well done girls keep doing what your doing. 

Song 5: Taylor Swift Shake it Off 
Ok ok so I had to include her again but she is brilliant. Plus this song is such an inspiration, it shows that no matter what happens no matter who say what or what ever anyone does just shake it off and be yourself. 

So they are my top 5 songs at the moment what are yours? 

See you soon 

Lots of Love