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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Day 9 - Blogmas

Christmas for Retail Workers.

Christmas is a time for shopping and it is also a time that a lot of retail workers hate yes HATE. I have worked in retail for 8 years, christmas is always the hardest time. 

I used to work in The Disney Store and in the weeks leading up to christmas you would be asked for particular items, most of the time it was things to do with Frozen. In one 9 hour shift I was told 4 times 'You've just ruined my child's Christmas' because we had sold out of an item that the parent wanted. I bit my tongue and said that I was sorry (why I don't know because it wasn't my fault) but in the back of my head all I thought was ' No mate YOU have ruined there christmas because you didn't buy it when you were last here'. 

I understand that my opinion is very one sided because I am a retail worker, but I think that MOST (not all because some people are lovely) but most people think that retail workers are beneath them, and they can be spoken to in any way because we can't say anything back. When did this culture start??? 

Us shop workers give up our days off, lunch hours and time with our families to be in our work place to make sure that the general public have what they need to have a brilliant time with their families. I know that days off  are given up because where I currently work I get 1 day off in the first and second week in December and then none in the week leading up to Christmas. I have spoken to other places and they tell me they are asked to give up their breaks if it is busy for the 'needs of the business'. That is a company thing and I know that is the employer who has made those rules. All I ask from shoppers is to be nice to us. 

The person you could be yelling at that we don't have something in stock could be a single parent of multiple children giving up time with them, to serve you, to earn money to pay for 1 day with their own children. 

So at this festive season, please be nice and kind to everyone, yes it can be stressful, yes it can be hard, but just think we are all people and we all need a bit of love and festive spirit this time of year. 

In the words of Jerry Springer ''Be kind to one another'' 

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

Day 10 - Blogmas

Christmas Jumper Shopping

With Christmas Jumper day coming soon I thought a Christmas Jumper post would be a good idea. Me Paul and Coco always have christmas jumpers, Coco had a red one that slightly matched Paul's last year but we are getting her a new one this year. I am going to show you Mens and Womens christmas jumpers today so sit back and enjoy. 


I no technically not a jumper but this is Paul's Christmas top this year, isn't it cute, I think this is gonna be good for anyone man cooking this year. Jumpers will make you feel so hot in the kitchen so having a nice t-shirt will keep you cool, but keeping you in the Christmasy mood. 

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Chritmas Tree!!! For the super festive Man there is this very cool christmas tree jumper, I love the colours I am bit blue fan, this looks like a nice soft jumper too which is always good if your gonna have a nice snuggle at the end of a long christmas day. Another good thing IT 
LIGHTS UP!!!!!!! 


 How SOFT does this jumper look, to me I think its one of those where you can just snuggle up and get all nice and comfy. Perfect for christmas time. 

Reverse Sequin Sparkle Jumper Evans £17.50 (in the sale) 

A bit of sparkle is always a good thing at Christmas, so sequins are very much welcome for my christmas jumper. I cant decided which one I like more, this one or the fluffy one. Normally this jumper is £35 so if you like it, bag a bargain while you still can.

What jumpers will you be wearing this year??? 

Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love

Day 11 - Blogmas

Bents Christmas

Here in the North West we have a brilliant Home and Garden centre called Bents, every year they have what I think are some of the best christmas displays I have ever seen and they just seem to get bigger each year. You can tell how much care and planning goes into the event, So I thought I would show you how cool it actually is. So grab a cuppa and watch a few of the videos I made while wondering around. 

As you can see the displays are amazing, they must work so hard to get these done. They have a huge christmas tree section, and then the displays that show you how different decorations can be used in there different sections. 

As well as these, they also have a big food and drink section outside, they play all christmas music so you get the feel of a christmas market but you get the bonus of being indoors the whole time so it is a little warmer for you. 

Me and Paul love it there because we can take Coco, they have this cute little dog cafe that sells dog friendly food and drink, so I can have a cake and  Coco can have a cake!! How cool is that. So if you are anywhere near the North West I would say make your way over and see how cool Bents is for yourself. 

Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

Day 12 - Blogmas

Manchester Christmas Markets 

I have lived in Warrington for nearly 3 years and this years was the first time I was able to go to the Manchester Christmas Markets. I love christmas markets, they really make me feel all christmasy and festive and just all warm and sparkly inside. 

Paul had been before with his family but this was our first time going together. We both wanted to drink so we decided to get the train in, it wasn't too bad but the train was packed even tho it wasn't rush hour. We got the tram from Piccadilly station and got off near Manchester town hall. 

I didn't really know what to expect as being from Birmingham our market is all along one street but Manchester's is broken up into little markets all over. I honest have to say I like that, as the crowds are a lot more spread out and so instead of fighting your way through like in Birmingham you get to see a lot more and have a nicer time. 

First things first was obviously a nice hot drink, Paul got a mulled wine and I got a Baileys Hot Chocolate. 

You pay a deposit of £2.50 for your mugs and if you don't want to keep them you get your money back when you hand in your mugs. Both me and Paul like collection the mugs from different markets we go to so we kept ours. Mine was bigger which I thought was funny as I went for Hot Chocolate.

Next stop was the famous Yorkshire Pudding wraps. I saw these on Facebook and I told Paul that I needed to hunt them down as soon as we got the the market. We found them and stood in line, I think we must have got there at the right time because it wasn't too long before we were at the front, by the time we sat down with our food the line was huge. 

If you have no clue what I am talking about, the wrap is a huge Yorkshire pudding, with stuffing, a choice of either Turkey or Beef, carrots and peas, and topped off with a large scoop of gravy, all wrapped up like a tortilla, and put in foil, it was LUSH!!!! I said to Paul I could have done with some cranberry sauce, they did have some but I forgot to ask them to put it on. It was very expensive £7.50 each, but trust me it is so good it is worth it. 

We ate our food then had a proper good mooch round having a couple more mulled wines and Baileys Hot Chocolates and made our way around the rest of the markets, it was really such a good day, it was cold but we kept warm and like I said before with the market stretched out it broke up the crowd. 

If you get a chance to go do it, you will love it. 

Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love

Blogmas Review

Blogmas what can I say about Blogmas, it was something I wanted to do and had wanted to do for a while, I loved the idea of writing everyday, my blog helps me to write and get things out and I thought giving myself that time each day will make me so much more calmer over the christmas period. 

I wanted to get people involved and so I asked my friends if they would like to be apart of Blogmas, Jordan and Georgie were amazing and there posts have been so good over December, I have loved reading them. 

I was totally prepared for blogmas, I had each day planned out in my diary, I had drafted a few and was looking forward to writing each day too. The only thing I didn't really take into consideration was work. Working in retail is hard over christmas, I worked non stop from the 16th till 24th December, no days off and mainly working from 830am till about 7pm, getting home all I wanted to do was sleep. 

Looking forward to next year I can be a lot more prepared for what I want to do. I do want to do it again next year I just think instead of writing each day I will begin in write my posts in October or November, then have them all edited and ready to post for December. Then each day I will post it and publicise it, which I can easily do on my breaks. 

I have learnt a lot about blogging in the last 2 weeks, like how much I missed it, how it helps me to relax and how stressed I get when I don't write. 

So for next year I will plan blogmas a lot better, prepare to not write for 2 weeks and try not to get to stressed out if I can't write. 

Thank you to everyone who read our blogs and I hoped you enjoyed them. 

See you Soon 
Lots of Love 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Day 8 - Blogmas

Boxing Day Plan


When I was a kid I had this silly thought in my head that boxing day is when all the boxing matches where on. Now that I am 29 I understand that the meaning actually comes from the Victorian time when rich families would give any left over food from Christmas to homeless or poorer families who would go door to door with boxes, ready to collect the food.

I think that is such a god thing to do, giving back to the less fortunate but I suppose proper food and not just left overs is better.

The company I work for closes on Boxing day, so I get any extra day off, which I am unbelievably great full for. Sadly the company Paul works for is open 24/7 so ha has to work on Boxing day.

I will there fore be waking up a bit earlier then I want to, trying to go to sleep, but probably have Coco jumping on the bed. I will then probably wake up have a coffee. 

One thing I would love to do this year is go for a little walk with Coco. Normally Paul walks her as I am not good with her off the lead and I get a bit anxious when other dogs are around as I don't know what they will be like or how Coco will react to them. But the thought of rapping up in a nice warm clothes and taking her out sounds perfect to me. 

Then I will probably just come home and veg out on the sofa watching TV, films and eating everything in site. 

The only thing that I am worried about is that I haven't been well recently, I have a bit of a cough and bad throat. I worry that because I am off my body will relax and the germs will take over, so I may end up spending the day in bed getting over a cold. (fingers crossed I wont tho).

What are you all doing boxing day???

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

Day 7 - Blogmas

Secret Santa Ideas

Tis the season to spend money fa la la la la la la la la!!!!

With the season of giving upon us, I thought a Secret Santa gift idea post would help a few of you.

Lets be honest Secret Santa doesn't stay secret for long does it, at least not at my work, so sometimes you can feel obligated to go a bit ott to show people how much you care.

So here are a few gift ideas with price tags to show you don't have to spend the earth to make your seceret santa smile.

£5 and under

Glass Jar Poundland £1 (Yep £1)
So for someone you are unsure of you can always try something simple this is very cute  but very nice and simple and looks a hell of a lot more expensive then it actually is. For £1 you cant really go wrong, also you can always rade the chocolate section of Poundland too, just saying you know everyone loves chocolate.

For the beauty lover, you can always go for this cute little set, it has eye shadows and nail varnishes. The nail colours are very different so there is something in there for everyone, to me the eye shadows all look like shimmers so they can be added to complete a look, or you can go all out and do a full shimmer eye.

How good is this at a little Secert Santa or a stocking filler, think of it family is over on christmas, you've had your meal and everyone is tired, how about breaking open a bottle and playing this. With a set of 50 question lets get everyone brain working.

£10 and under

This is another classic game to play after dinner at christmas, or to have at work for that down time people get. The pool cues are about the same size as a pencil and you can either play alone or get others involved. 

For all those chocolate lovers out there, this is brill! Pick yellow, green or red colour and fill it with a load of M&M's and your done, very cute and sweet.

£15 and under

Who loves Soap and Glory????? I think this is such a cute present and if you really love your coworkers this is a good buy. They get to have a nice relax and lets admit it smells bloody gorgeous!! Also just to add this is in the 3 for 2 offer Boots always do, so you can always get this and a couple more presents for friends and family while you are their.

I am not going to say what but one of the above items is my Secret Santa present, but I am not giving mine till Christmas Eve so I can't say what it is, but I think its a good idea. 

What are you getting your Secret Santa? 

Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 6 - Blogmas

Christmas Day Menu

FOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD I love food at Christmas, I sometimes feel like I need to eat and drink my way through the entire day, which lets face it most people will do too.

I suppose the best place to start is

Breakfast -

Last year my parents where here for breakfast as the stayed over for a few days, I ended up getting like 3 packets of bacon and we all had bacon and egg butties. This year I can see me and Paul being no different. We will ether have bacon and egg butties, or a full fried breakfast. My dream would be to have coffee in bed, while watching some Christmas movies, then coming downstiars opening presents, then having a proper full friend breakfast, bacon, sauage, egg, beans, mushrooms and toast, with a nice cuppa.

Christmas Day Dinner -

This year since it is just me and Paul we will probably not go over the top with dinner. I will do my roats potatoes which Paul likes, we will have a nice Turkey Crown, with veg and LOADS of stuffing (yes please just pass me the bowl and a spoon). I may do mash too and of course a gallon of gravy. This year I will try my hardest to make my dad gravy. Two years ago it didn't go to plan, last year dad was here so he made it, but this year (third times a charm) will be my year. I will get this gravy right!!! It is a nice recipe that my dad has given me so fingers crossed I will get it right.


Cheese, cheese, cheese, chocolate and probably more cheese. I dunno if you know this about me but I like cheese, especially caramelised onion cheese. I can eat cheese all day if I wanted, so this year I am going to make sure I have a few different ones in and then we can just pick at it with some crackers while we wait for dinner to be cooked.

Selection Box-

Need I say anymore!!!

I know that Christmas is not all about food but it is a very good place to start, when you cant really go out of thr house all day.

What food will you all be eating???

Merry Christmas
Lots of Love

Monday, 4 December 2017

Day 4 - Blogmas

What I love about christmas

Day 4 of Blogmas and I hope you are all enjoying these blogs, I want to keep them interesting for you but also not too long so it doesn't seem full on. 

So today is all about why I love Christmas so much. 

I guess most people would say that it is getting gifts and a few years ago I think I would have said that without a doubt. I love getting gifts as much as the next person but being on the edge of 30 years old, things are very different for me, I look at things a lot differently. 

For me it is totally and utterly getting to spend time with my family. The last two years myself and Paul have had our families come stay with us, but this year it will just be Paul, Coco and I at home. I can't wait for it. 

I also love the feeling of christmas, I love the build up to the day, a couple of weeks before either walking through town or hearing the christmas music, its like you can feel it. 

Lastly I love the food (OBVIOUSLY). When I was little my mom would do dinner early and then we would have like a mini buffet on the night time, with cake and biscuits and cheese and left over meat. Since being with Paul we tend to have dinner early and then later at night we will have a mini christmas dinner on a cob (or barm or roll what ever you call it). We also have chocolates during the day. Paul's dad and I love Terry's Chocolate Orange so that is our chocolate of choice here. 

What do you all love about christmas?? 

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Day 2 - Blogmas

Favourite Christmas Songs

So day two of blogmas is here and keeping with all things christmasy lets talk music!

Music at any time is amazing, it has the power to take you back to a memory of a time, place or person. Music at Christmas is even better, it can bring back feelings of every christmas you remember.

For me as soon as I hear christmas music I just get really festive. I want it to be christmas day and be having a jump around waiting to open presents and just being surrounded by the people I love the most. 

I have said this before but for me when I hear Wham "Last Christmas" that is when I no its christmas and I feel like I can be all christmasy. I don't know why that song, I just feel all festive when I hear it. When I put up my christmas tree I MUST have traditional christmas songs on, like Nat King Cole, it really does make me feel all nostalgic. It reminds me of when my mom used to be putting up christmas decorations, she would have old christmas songs on, that would remind her of her dad. So maybe that is why I love it because it is all about family. 

I wanted to share with you a load of my favourite christmas songs, and see what you think. I say get a nice hot chocolate, snuggle up with a mince pie and listen to some of my all time favourite christmas songs!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wham - Last Christmas 

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song 

Shakin Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone 

Mel and Kim - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree 

Wizzard - I wish it could be Christmas Everyday 

Slade - Merry Christmas Everyone (as a self respecting brummy obviously!!) 

Jona Lewis - Stop the Cavalry 

My collection may seem a little older them my 29 years but to me this is what I grew up with, this to me is proper traditional christmas music. I don't like that you don't have any songs about Christmas over Christmas.

Do you know the last time we had a song with 'Christmas' in the title over christmas??? 2004!!!! that was the new version of Band Aid!!! Lets try and remember some amazing christmas classics this year shall we?? Whats your favourites???

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Merry Christmas
Lots of Love

Day 3 - Blogmas

Christmas Day Outfit

When I was a kid, my outfit consisted of my favourite PJ's my dressing gown and the most comfy fluffy slippers avalible to me. Know I am an adult I love getting in the mood by plannin a nice outift for the day. 

The last two years myself and Paul have had family at our house, so the first year I wore this lovely number 

I love it, I got it at 'Yours' Clothing, and it is my favourite Christmas top, its very comfy and nice and strachy. 

Last year I wanted to get a bit more wow factor. So I get a gorgeous top and skirt with petticoat from Dishonest Soul. 

I loved this outift so much, I wanted to twirl all the time, plus the colours really are so Christmasy especially having the checkered skirt. I do admit tho I was very ill over Christmas so I ended up taking the petticoat off and just having my skirt on. 

This year is very different, this will be the first year where it is just me, Paul and our animals all alone. So I am not afraid to admit I WILL be spending the entire day in my PJ's again. Primark have the best christmas PJ collections at the moment, 

These come in a very cute little box and who can resist ELF!!!!! 

This year I also want to do Paul and I a Christmas eve box, but that is for another blog. So do I go for a nice new christmas pair of PJ's or do I stick to my old faithful and go for my onsie?? I do love my onsie, it has mickey mouse ears and it is red and white, but then there is the whole toilet issue. I plan to have a lot of drink at christmas and so onsies are not good when it comes to going there.

I guess I still have a little time to decide. What will you guys be wearing??? 

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Merry Christmas 

Lots of Love 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Day 1 - Blogmas

Happy December Everyone!!!! 

So I thought since it is finally December and Youtubers will be doing Vlogmas from today, I wanted to do my very own version and so Blogmas came to mind. Along with two of lovely blogger friends we will be bringing you a blog for everyday from today till Christmas Eve. The two lovely Ladies are Jordan from Jordan Rawr Beauty and Georgie from Georgie Girl Web. At the end of each blog I will add their links so go and check them out too. So here we go day 1 of BLOGMAS!!!!!!!!



Christmas Tree Reveal

Today is all about my CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!! I love decorating the christmas tree, ok well to be honest I love watching Paul decorate the christmas tree. I tend to sit there and play with things and then dress up in tinsel and put baubles on my ears and pretend to be Pat Butcher hahaha. Yes I actually sit there with them over my ears. 

I love the smell of tinsel, does that make me weird, possibly, but I love it. I also have my favourite decorations. We were live there is a little stall that pops up every year and they sell tree decorations and then you can get them personalised. The first year Paul and I moved in together and then last year when it was our first christmas with Coco we got a doggy decoration. 

I love them and I cant wait till next year when we can get a decoration of a newly married couple as it will be our first christmas as husband and wife. 

When I was little our tree was every colour of the rainbow and we had ornaments that were years old. For me and Paul we tend to pick colours so I think the majority of ours are gold which I think is a really nice colour for christmas. 

We got our tree the first year we were together at christmas so this will be our 3rd year of having it and we got it from Argos. The baubles are a mixture of from my parents, ones I already had, and my beloved Disney ones. When we put them up I always have my faves that I hand pick and put on the tree. I got them a while ago and they are still in amazing condition. 

What does your tree look like? Do you help or do you ''Help'' to put the tree up haha?? 

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See you tomorrow 
Merry Christmas