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Saturday, 4 November 2017

My Favourite Time of Year

Like most people Autumn is my most favourite time of the year, I love the colours, the feeling in the air. The smells of the log burns. The crunchy leaves, it makes me feel all nice and fuzzy inside. I wanted to share with you some of the things I love doing this time of year so if you ever have nothing to do you can tunr to the list and think 'ye I'll do that today'' 

This time of year I think is perfect for a lovely walk, on your own, with someone, with a pet, what ever you like. We have the added bonus of not having the harsh winter rain and enjoying the crips weather. I love to grab my travel mug, fill it with Hot Chocolate or coffee, which ever grabs my fancy, putting on so boots, and nice scarf (mental note I need a new scarf), and a big coat and just going for a walk in the big park opposite my house. I love seeing the colours change on the leaves. New seasons always make me happy anyway but Autumn especially because it is like the trees are shedding there last year, and waiting for a new life to grow. It's like what we can do, the last two months of the year is when we can start to drop that baggage of this year and start to think of making a fresh start. 

Film day 
I think this is a must especially with the days getting shorter and colder. I love just grabbing a blanket and snuggling on the sofa with goodies and watching movies, Harry Potter marathon is always good, and if your a hard core fan you can actually watch all the films in just over 23 hours, so good if you have a couple days off together. 

Most people have that list of books that just keeps getting longer and longer, and every year you start to tell yourself I will read this. Well this is the perfect time to do it. Again I get a nice blanket snuggle up with a hot drink and crack a book open, I have set myself the challenge of finishing Megan Jayne Crabbe's book which I am not afraid to say at the moment I am failing miserably at, but I will get back on track with it. I will finish it by next year and then I will set myself a new challenge, so keep your eyes open for that. 

National Trust Visits. 
For me and Paul it is a lot easier as we have a car and yearly passes to the NT, so I would advise anyone thinking of it to get one. I love our passes and take full advantage of them every month. Not only is it a very cheap day out if you are strapped for cash, grab a picnic and your passes and your well away. Also you will find some of the larger houses and places do events around the holidays. My favourite NT place at the moment has to be Dunham Massey. It is beautiful, has reindeer in, gorgeous gardens, and also lovely entertainment for the kids. All for a nice little price tag each month, instead of a large price tag every month. 

What do you like to do this time of year? Let me know in the comments? 

See you soon 
Lots of Love