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Wedding Tips for ....

Saving Money

Welcome back to the new series on my blog all about weddings. If you follow me on social media you will know that I got marring in July, so I wanted to pass anything I learnt on to you guys!

I will say this may be a long blog so grab a cuppa and some biccies and let's go!

The Ceremony -

 The first thing I did was look at cheaper options for a location. The registry office for us was such good value and also thanks to me over budgeting, we also had a little extra money left over to add to other things on our list.

 Another way we saved money was by having our wedding on a week day, most people will have a wedding on a Friday or Saturday, so Monday's -Thursday's are so much cheaper. The downside to it is that you may find some guests wont be able to get the time off work, but if you are looking to have a smaller wedding then that may not be a big problem.

Guests -

 That leads onto my next way of saving money, this is a big one, have a smaller guest list. Guests are always going to be so expensive especially for meals as you pay per person. Also most registry offices will only have about 40 people in the room, so if you have more then that it bumps up your costs even more.

 Guests are always hard to cut down on especially if you have a large family and you are close to them, but if you really want to save money you will be like Carrie Bradshaw and be a cut throat bride/groom. So do a list of everyone you want there and work backwards, who really needs to be there, who are you close to. Then ask yourself, should they come to the ceremony or just the evening.

Travelling -

If you are having a car or bus or anything to take you to your venue's then again having a week day wedding will help again with money, the company you use will probably give you a bit of a discount for a weekday as they wont be using the cars anyway. Another way of saving money is to try something unique, if you live in places like Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield why not try being different and trying out the tram as a way to get there. I recently saw a post about a women who took the tube to her wedding in London.

We went with a company called Horgans, they are based in Manchester and I would 100% recomend them if you are close by. They really did help to put us all at ease. Especially when me and my dad were in the car on the way to the ceremony, I was so nervous and they just talked and helped me and we just had a laugh.

DIY's -

I went nuts on DIY's for my wedding, I did everything from the centre pieces, gift and cards box, family picture frames, a fairy light curtain backdrop, place cards and so many more. They made the whole thing a lot more personal and they weren't hard to do either, it was really easy. Trust me if I can do it and I have no creativity so can you.

There are so many youtube tutorials that I watched to do with wedding DIY's my favourite came from The Sorry Girl's, they are amazing and they really got my creative juices flowing for me. Not to mention Pinterest helped A LOT!!

Reception Location -

We were so lucky with out reception, we had it at our favourite pub, the staff are lovely and it is such a pretty place and the food is amazing. We lucked out because we only had to pay for our food and drink so it was such an amazing way to save money.

We had our reception at a gorgeous place called The Walton Arms, which is part of The Village Inns company, the manager was lovely and helped every step of the way. They even cordered off a part of their car park so we could have our group photographs. It gave us that space to just relax with our photographer and not have to rush to move on.

I am going to be doing a full blog soon about my dress but trust me I got it as a bargain but I wanted to wait and do a full post on it.

I hope this has helped a little with any wedding planning budgeting, but if you need anymore help just comment below and I will help you out anyway I can.

See you soon
Lots of Love

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