Saturday, 9 June 2018

Where have I been???

Ok so I am sheepishly coming back to my much overlooked blog. 

I guess what has been stopping me writing is life. I have had work, anxiety problems, wedding planning and baby making going on, this by the way sadly isn't a pregnancy announcement. For all the trying we have been doing it just doesn't seem to be happening for us just yet but I have plans to write a blog about what we have been through in the future. 

I guess to give you a bit of an update. Work is normal, my anxiety was under control for a little while but has lately been on and off, which I suppose can be linked to the wedding and getting everything sorted. I am still on tablets for it, which I take when ever I feel a panic attack coming on. 

I found an anxiety and depression support group in my local area but I have been too scared to go, which doesn't help me really but I think it is because I am a big chicken who is too scared to actually go and get help because I am worried I will be judged. I understand it is a support group so people wont judge but when I think about going to the group it's just scary. 

Wedding, well anyone who has ever planned a wedding will know how much pressure you put yourself under and how scared you get that it will all go wrong. We are only having a small wedding, 14 people in the day and another 30 at night so it is very small, there wont be a DJ at night time either it's more just getting people together and being a family. We have lots planned but all I think is, will people think it's rubbish??? My dress though OMG my dress makes me smile so much!!!! It is so cute and pretty and I can't wait to show you all the pictures!!!! 

I am pulling a Duchess of Cambridge and doing my own make up on the day, so I have been practising that look and getting it down to a tee. I also have the run through of the morning in my head. So here is hoping it all goes the way I have planned (and if that actually happens it will be a bloody miracle), with 6 weeks to go I am just feeling so nervous and excited all at the same time, there is still a couple DIY's left to do but then it will all be finished. 

So baby news, well no baby yet, we tried for 2 and a half years and nothing, so after a particularly hard time of me thinking I was pregnant and then having a negative test we decided to stop actively trying. As I said before I will be posting a LONG ass blog about what we have been through. 

I think that is it for a little catch up on me and what has been going on. I am mostly active on my Instagram so if you want to keep up with me give me a follow there and you can see me more. 

See you all soon
Lots of love 


  1. Your day will be as special as You and Paul want it to be. If Nobody likes it then i will gladly show them the door xxx

  2. HI Janie B here great blog, I like how you are so honest with your feelings.