Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Book Review - Dangerous Waters By Anne Allen

Nothing makes me more happier then snuggling up with a good book and getting lost in the stories, my head dancing with the images the words create.

I recently found a brilliant book by Anne Allen called Dangerous Waters. Anne is originally from Rugby and now lives in Devon, she is very lucky I wish I lived that close to the beach. She has written this book as part of the Guernsey Novel Series. 

There are 6 books in the whole series and this is the first. Each book is based on a different character, but they are connected by something, but I can't tell you what!! You need to go read them, trust me they are good. 

As you may have guessed the book is set in Guernsey and is based around Jeanne, she used to live on the island, but moved away after a family had a horrible boating accident, which left Jeanne with some memory loss. Sadly her grandmother dies and she has to go back to pack up her house and sell her things, which she isn't very happy about because there are too many bad memories for her . 

This is a book of mysteries, which I am not going to give you the answers to. The biggest question I had was what had Jeanne forgotten. 

While at her grandmothers house Jeanne finds things that make her go on a bit of a hunt, and it leads her all the way back to World War II, what did she find, well I can't tell you that, it is all part of the fun, but I loved this book so much. 

Jeanne as a character is amazing, you can really feel her emotion. From the start of the book when she is on the ferry going over to the island you can understand how she is feeling. She isn't able to say her goodbyes to her grandmother, and as someone who was there when my nan passed away I can understand how hard it would be to not say goodbye. 

 I also love the way Anne describes Guernsey. One part talk's about Jeanne driving towards her grandmother house and the way she depicts the views made me close my eyes and see it as if I were there. I have never been to Guernsey but from Anne's words I can tell it is a beautiful place.

I think it is very well written and I really can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. I am so thank full I have a copy of this on my kindle because it makes it so much easier to take around. 

Now you know what the book is about how would you like a lovely treat?? Do you fancy a holiday??

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If you fancy a read of Anne's books before then head over to her site and have a read.

What books are you reading lately? Anything I should add to my reading list? 

See you Soon 
Lots of Love 

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  1. Hi Lottie, thanks for your post ans review of Dangerous Waters. So glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy other books in the series. Best wishes - and good luck to anyone entering the draw ☺