Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Body and The Doctor

I have wanted to wait to write this because I didn't want it to come across as a rant. I wanted to look into it properly and  make sense of things in my own head before I put it all down online and have people come back at me in a negative way, although to be honest I feel that will happen anyway.

Myself and Paul have been trying for a baby for a while (3 years in fact), a few month ago I went to the doctors and was refereed to the hospital to have tests done. Before I go on I want to say that I understand that the NHS is very overstretched, doctors are overworked and I get that but I did not feel the doctor I saw was polite, and she just saw me as a walking piece of fat.

I was looked at like it was my own fault that I wasn't able to have a baby. Yes I love cake and chocolate and cheese and food in general, but why should I be looked at like a piece of filth because of my choice of life. I am a good person, I am a friendly person, I am so much more then the fat on my body, I will make a bloody good mother, and I am not going to let some doctor look at me like that because I am overweight.

I was told that I could get a test to check that I was ovulating at the right time, but that it didn't matter because if I wasn't I would have to loose 6 and a half stone before they would help me. I felt like the doctor didn't really care about what was stopping us having a baby an that, to her, it was clearly the fact that I was overweight. This was not the first time I have been fat shamed by a doctor. I can not tell you the amount of times I have been to the doctor for something totally unrelated to my weight, such as my mental health, and the conversation has turned to my weight and if I have ever considered going on a diet.

I am an active person, myself and Paul go for a lot of walks, camping and I love being outside. Having our dogs defiantly helps, but I also love my food, does that make me bad???

I am not the only person who has been fat shamed by doctors. I have been speaking to a lovely lady called Hannah, (Fabfatmama follow her Instagram here she is amazing) she has a gorgeous little girl, but when she was born by C-section, Hannah was confronted by 10 doctors telling her if she did not loose weight she would be dead by the age of 30. If this was said in a tweet or a comment on Facebook on Instagram we would call it trolling, but because it is said by a doctor it is called, medical advice. For me both are exactly the same, someone who is telling someone else how to live there life. Also why would you tell a new mother something like that especially after a C-section.

I understand that doctors will tell me that if I loose weight, I will live longer and be at less of a risk of illness or early death. My argument to this is, I have never had problems with my health, which has solely been put down to my weight. Also there was a very fit and healthy young man who was a famous footballer, in the middle of a match he dropped down on the pitch and died of a heart attack, he was fit and healthy and playing football, which is exercising. So it goes to show you can be fit and healthy and still sadly pass away at a young age.

My view on health care in the UK at the moment is way too long to explain here and I know it will turn into a rant, but in a nut shell, people are living longer and the funding is not there to support the growing population of older people. Which means they are suffering. If we can't look after older people what is the point in living longer when you wont be looked after to the right slandered.

I feel a lot of doctors, not all but a lot, are not better then trolls, they make fat people feel like utter crap, when all we are doing is enjoying our life and our food. what is so bad about that?

I really hope this didn't come across as a rant and that people understand what I am trying to say about doctors and trolls being double standards.

See You Soon
Lots of Love

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Curve Fashion Festival

There are 3 F words I love, they are Food (obviously), Fashion and Fun, if you then add Make up into the mix, well that is just my perfect place. Thank fully I don't have to wait to long to go to this little piece of heaven, which is also called Curve Fashion Festival.

Curve this year is being held at St George's Place in Liverpool on the 17th November. One of my favourite things about CFF (Curve Fashion Festival) is that ever year it just gets bigger and bigger. This is such an amazing and powerful thing. It shows that there is a need for events like this and also shows that there are now so many more brands out there who are catering for us fat people.

Just like previous years there will be a fashion hall for all of us looking to update our wardrobe or those of us who just want to check out what is new with brands such as Topsy Curvy, Marks and Spencer's and Debenhams.

Debenhams are part of the sponsorship team for Curve this year. When I think of them I instantly think of make up because in my local shop that is the first section that you walk into it. They have a brilliant choice of brands too which I love.

They will showing off their amazing beauty range again this year and I cant wait to see it. If you fancy a sneek peek at all the goodies they do click this link here to have a look on the website and get a wish list together.

By far the best thing I love about CFF is meeting everyone, I will totally admit that I am the biggest chicken when it comes to going up to people and asking for pictures, but this year I am going to be a bit more confident and ask EVERYONE I know for a selfie, so if you see me then come over and jump me, I will be vlogging the event for youtube too so that will be brill to get as many people as possible on there.

Here are my favourite pictures from Curve through the years.

I hope to see all of you lovely people there and again if you see me, come jump on me for a picture!!

See you soon,
Lots of love

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Preparing your Lips For Winter

Luscious, juicy, full and plump. These are all words we use to describe our lovely lips! Sadly for me, most of the time the words I use are cracked, dry and peeling and trust me these are words you never want use for anything let alone your lips. I have had so many problems with my lips from peeling when I wear matte lipsticks, to being soar and cracking in the winter. 

I can't be the only person in the world that has so many problems with my lips, so I thought I would try a few different brands of lip care products and see which I find is the better one for me, then give all you gorgeous people my advice. 

First up I tried Carmex Classic. I had heard of Carmex before but I had never tried it. I spoke to one of my friend's Linzi and she said it was the best. I popped into one shop, Ill let it remain nameless, (but lets say its a very big toiletries place that has the same name as a piece of footwear) and it was £2.69. I went in to Primark and found it for the bargain £1, so there is the first tip, shop around!! Anyway back to the lip balm. It smells like a sweet minty smell, its really nice, it doesn't feel greasy either or sticky. There is a slight shine on your lips when it first goes on but nothing too much. 

I really like this one it did help my lips but I did need to apply it a lot. Maybe it is just me not applying enough to start with. The biggest downside for me with Carmex is that it really makes my lips tingle, just on the verge of stinging which I really don't like. It does help my lips but I just really don't like the feel of it. 

Who remembers those Black Jack sweets from when they were a kid? (Bare with me I haven't changed my blog post this does lead somewhere I promise) They were in the pick n mix section and they tasted like liquorice. Well if your anything like me this next lip balm will have you craving them when you try it!! This is LipQ's Liquorice Balm* and the smell is so good. For anyone suffering from cold soars too, the liquorice is meant to help to keep them away. 

This has a very wet formula, which I found fine, it makes it easier to get out of the tin, you get a lot in one tin too 30g's so you will have it for a while. The price tag is rather high for a lip balm, it is £7.95 so for that I do expect a lot.

I only suffer from cold soars in really bad winter and since I haven't had any while testing this I can't really comment on how it is with them but I will keep you updated. I don't feel like it is greasy and again isn't sticky in anyway. The only downside I would say is that price tag, but as I said I will keep you updated so if I do get any cold soars I will let you know how it deals with them. 

Lastly is this little gem from Neve's Bees, it is their Chocolate Orange lip Balm*. This is a family ran business with a cute story behind it. Neve is the daughter of the owner and when she was 10 she asked her granddad to buy her some bee's for her birthday. So this isn't just some big huge corporation where all they care about is profit. This is a very nice family run company who care about their products and where they are from. The bees make the wax to go inside all the products they sell. The lip balm comes in different flavours and when I got this one the smell was AMAZING, it isn't overpowering or anything, just makes me feel like reaching for a Terry's Chocolate Orange!!!! 

This one I did put through a bit of a big test, I took this to the Lake district with me. It fit really nicely into my make up back because it is nice and compact, but also just slipped into my pocket when I went out for walks. It feels nice on my lips, plus the fact it lets me smell chocolate all day. 

The only downside to it I found was that when I first got it the balm was a little hard but after a couple of swirls it went softer, so do keep swirling when you get yours. It is £4.50 which yes for a lip balm again is on the higher range but if you think it is all natural ingredients from our friends the bees (save the bees) then you know what you are paying for. This is defiantly my favourite lip balm, I just feel that it helped me a lot more then the other two. 

With the winter coming in soon, I really do think you need to take care of your lips, especially if you are like me and you get chapped lips so easily. So check these three out and see what works for you. 

See you Soon 
Lots of Love 

* This item was gifted to me but all the view's are my own. 

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Jouellerie Review

Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are a girls best friend, well Marilyn sadly some of us don't have the luxury of being able to afford diamonds. Thankfully that is where Jouellerie step in, who say's lovely sparkles have to cost a fortune?

Jouellerie have price's to help everyone and I mean it, the cheapest item on their website is a £1.99 earrings and necklace set, which is so cute. So even if you only have a very small budget you can still find a good bargain. I was sent a lovely parcel from them which contained 6 items, 2 pairs of earrings, a necklace and 3 bracelet. They are all so cute and I wanted to give you a little bit of a review on them.

The first item was this lovely Artemis necklace. It has a large heart pendent covered in Swarovski Elements, the chain is a thick and hollow and it is a really pretty rose colour. My favourite thing about it is it has a magnetic clasp, so even if you are alone you can easily take this on and off.

My down side to this was that it was too small for me, I could only just get this around my neck, so I would say it is about a 16'' maybe even 14'' chain, so keep that in mind before you order it, but for £4.99 it would make a good gift for someone smaller them me.

Next up is a really cute little set for £6.99. It is called Ice and it is a wide 6 row bracelet again with Swarovski Elements, it has a stretch to it, which makes it easy to put on, I will be honest I was worried about this one as normally when I get stretchy bracelets, they will pinch my skin, but this hasn't and I have worn it a couple of times. It also has these little matching earrings. They are a single stone and have those really nice easy backs on. I know some people do prefer to have a metal back rather then a butterfly so maybe these would be good a idea for a little (dare I say it) christmas gift.

I have had a look online and the picture for this set is showing different earrings to the ones I got so I don't know if mine are different or if the ones in the picture online are wrong. I'm not sure.

Another of the bracelet's I got was this very sparkly Pave bracelet, it has 5 rows of Swarovski Elements in and the sparkle that comes off it is amazing. Sadly mine may have had a bit of a fault in it as it doesn't fasten properly, but it is so pretty.

SO these last two I am IN LOVE with!! I cant lie, I love them so much and I have warn these everywhere. The first is this Onyx bracelet, I cant take it off it is just so pretty, the clasp is brill and so easy to do myself so no more running down the stairs to Paul asking him to put it on for me. It goes with all outfits as it doesn't have any colour to it and it is just so cute and easy to wear also for the brill price of £2.99 who can argue.

Lastly is these Crown earring, I wasn't too sure about them at first because they are lot bigger then I would normally have, but I loved them in the end. Normally I only wear small earrings, but these are rather big, for me anyway. They are in a crown setting (well I am a queen I need my crown) and they just look so cute.

If you fancy any of these lovely pieces, don't forget to check out Jouellerie's website, they also sell hats and handbags too.

See you soon
Lots of Love

Disclaimer - I was gifted these items, but all opinions are my own.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Wedding Tips for ....

Saving Money

Welcome back to the new series on my blog all about weddings. If you follow me on social media you will know that I got marring in July, so I wanted to pass anything I learnt on to you guys!

I will say this may be a long blog so grab a cuppa and some biccies and let's go!

The Ceremony -

 The first thing I did was look at cheaper options for a location. The registry office for us was such good value and also thanks to me over budgeting, we also had a little extra money left over to add to other things on our list.

 Another way we saved money was by having our wedding on a week day, most people will have a wedding on a Friday or Saturday, so Monday's -Thursday's are so much cheaper. The downside to it is that you may find some guests wont be able to get the time off work, but if you are looking to have a smaller wedding then that may not be a big problem.

Guests -

 That leads onto my next way of saving money, this is a big one, have a smaller guest list. Guests are always going to be so expensive especially for meals as you pay per person. Also most registry offices will only have about 40 people in the room, so if you have more then that it bumps up your costs even more.

 Guests are always hard to cut down on especially if you have a large family and you are close to them, but if you really want to save money you will be like Carrie Bradshaw and be a cut throat bride/groom. So do a list of everyone you want there and work backwards, who really needs to be there, who are you close to. Then ask yourself, should they come to the ceremony or just the evening.

Travelling -

If you are having a car or bus or anything to take you to your venue's then again having a week day wedding will help again with money, the company you use will probably give you a bit of a discount for a weekday as they wont be using the cars anyway. Another way of saving money is to try something unique, if you live in places like Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield why not try being different and trying out the tram as a way to get there. I recently saw a post about a women who took the tube to her wedding in London.

We went with a company called Horgans, they are based in Manchester and I would 100% recomend them if you are close by. They really did help to put us all at ease. Especially when me and my dad were in the car on the way to the ceremony, I was so nervous and they just talked and helped me and we just had a laugh.

DIY's -

I went nuts on DIY's for my wedding, I did everything from the centre pieces, gift and cards box, family picture frames, a fairy light curtain backdrop, place cards and so many more. They made the whole thing a lot more personal and they weren't hard to do either, it was really easy. Trust me if I can do it and I have no creativity so can you.

There are so many youtube tutorials that I watched to do with wedding DIY's my favourite came from The Sorry Girl's, they are amazing and they really got my creative juices flowing for me. Not to mention Pinterest helped A LOT!!

Reception Location -

We were so lucky with out reception, we had it at our favourite pub, the staff are lovely and it is such a pretty place and the food is amazing. We lucked out because we only had to pay for our food and drink so it was such an amazing way to save money.

We had our reception at a gorgeous place called The Walton Arms, which is part of The Village Inns company, the manager was lovely and helped every step of the way. They even cordered off a part of their car park so we could have our group photographs. It gave us that space to just relax with our photographer and not have to rush to move on.

I am going to be doing a full blog soon about my dress but trust me I got it as a bargain but I wanted to wait and do a full post on it.

I hope this has helped a little with any wedding planning budgeting, but if you need anymore help just comment below and I will help you out anyway I can.

See you soon
Lots of Love

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Wedding Tips for ...


You will hear this a million times but weddings are ridiculously expensive and trust me when you feel like you have paid it all off and everything is under control, something will jump up and bite you. There will always be something that you didn't think of and didn't plan for and it will stress you the hell out, but at the end of the day it is the best day of your life and you want it to be perfect.

I know for a fact my biggest stress while planning the wedding was money, I had my diary and my schedule, 4 (yes 4) to do lists and it still seemed like there were things that I didn't think of. SO now that my wedding is over with here are the things that I had to pay for. There will obviously be different things that I had that you may not want, or things that you want and I didn't have so just add them in or take them away and just think of how much you will want to spend.

SO my list (hold tight)

Registry office - Booking fee
                         - Notice of Marriage (Not needed if you get married in a church)
                         - Ceremony
                         - Wedding Certificate (You get 1 official copy and you pay for others, I got 4 copies just so I had them to send off to places, doctors, bank, work, phone, driving licence, passport ect)

Reception - Booking fee,
                 - Food (Both wedding breakfast and night time buffet)
                 - Drinks (if you having drinks or arrival, toasts etc)
                 - DJ
                 - Rooms (getting ready in the morning or if you are staying there the night)
                 - Decorations ( I did a LOT of DIY's, so saved so much money)
                 - Cake

The Bride - Hair and Make up (if you do a trial, you will also have to pay for this)
                 - THE DRESS
                 - Dress alterations (this can be A LOT of money so make sure you budget a lot)
                 - Shoes (maybe even a 2nd pair for if you heels hurt)
                 - Underwear
                 - Wedding perfume
                 - Emergency kit (things like safety pins, plasters, ear buds - tip if you cry, ear buds are a quick clean up and they don't wreak your winged liner)
                 - Bag (keep a powder in to reapply, lippy, perfume, maybe spare bobby pins, phone)
                 - Jewellery
                 - Hair accessorise
The Groom - Suit
                    - Shoes
                    - Underwear
Transport - Cars/ Buses/ Taxi
                 - Booking fee
Bridesmaids - Dresses
                     - Shoes
                     - Hair and Make up
                     - Gifts (to say thank you for being apart of your special day)

Groomsmen - Suits
                     - Shoes
                     - Gifts (Same as the bridesmaids)

Flowers - Brides
              - Bridesmaids
              - Button holes
              - Reception flowers for decoration
              - Gifts for mothers

Miscellaneous - Wedding Rings (Get them the earlier the better, it may take time to get them in)
                        -  Photographer
                        - Pictures for decoration
                        - Guest book

These are just some thing there is so much more you can have, but these are a few things we did and didn't have.

I am going to be writing a post about saving money soon, since mine and Paul's budget was £2000 all together, so you don't need to spends loads on a wedding to make it special. If you like this series then please keep an eye out and I will give you a few more wedding tips.

See you Soon
Lots of love

Lippy Love

There used to be a time in my life where I didn't wear lipstick. I didn't like the way it felt and I thought it just didn't look right one me.

Fast forward a few years and I have a huge collection! Lipsticks, lip glossed, liquids, lattes, shines. You name it I have it. I love different colours too, my favourites are pinks, nudes and reds. I am always on the search for the best lipstick, the one that will stay on no matter what, if I drink, eat or kiss I want it to stay on. My problem is I am a lip licker, I can't not do it, so it tends to take lipsticks off, but one day I will find that one that doesn't come off.

Anyway back to my love! I want to show you my current faves lipsticks, these are ones I use all the time and ones I cant do without.

Revolution Soph Nude Lipstick - Cake 

Mmmmm cake (flash backs of Sarah Millican's cake pigeon). Yes there is actually a lipstick called Cake!!! Soph from Soph does Nails, has done 3 collabs now with Revolution Make Up, her third was a set of 3 lipsticks, with the most delicious names, Cake, Syrup and Fudge. When she introduced these lipsticks on her Youtube channel I saw how nice and pinky toned Cake was and I needed it in my life.

I got mine from Revolutions website but they can also be purchased from Superdrug too. The formula is so creamy, it stays really nicely on your lips and for me the colour is like my lips but better. Dare I say it, it is my perfect nude. Yes I actually said it (gasp).

Not only is the lipstick it self so pretty but the packaging is so cute, it is a light nude colour on the bottom with the lid in  rose gold, when you open it the tube is all rose gold.

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment - Inconspicuous 

I can't really talk about my favourite lipsticks without including the one I wore on my wedding day. Wedding lipstick it something I wanted to make sure was perfect for a two reasons, 1 - pictures, 2 - our kiss. Paul doesn't like the lipsticks that come off on his lips when we kiss, so I needed something that really was god and wouldn't come off easy.

My dress was 50's style and to me the first thing that comes to my head with I think of the 1950's is a red lip, so that is what I wanted. I searched high and low to find that perfect cute red that I had in my head. I tried Sleek, Mac, Urban Decay and I couldn't find that right colour. Until one day out at Superdrug on my break from work I saw it right there, this bright cute red and I know ''that's the one''. At the bargain price of £4!

I love the colour it is an orange red, with I think is just perfect for me. It applies quiet think so little is more, you need to give it a little time to dry, but when it does you have a lippy that is kiss proof. It did come off when I had a drink but Paul was safe for the first kiss as Mr and Mrs.

Sleek Lip V.I.P Lipstick - Dream Decade

What is life without a bright pink lipstick?? Well for me I have quite a few but I love them so much, bright pink is such my colour and most of summer is spent in one. So picking my fave is quite hard, but when you have a lippy like Dream Decade then picking becomes a little bit easier.

I got this from boots and I just love it. I have spoke about this a while ago in another blog, but I can't help but list it again, it is just so pretty. This pink honestly reminds me of Kelly from Jelly with the Belly, just because it looks like her hair, which I also love!!!

This one is again creamy but the down side is I do find it does that weird thing in the corner of my lips where it sort of bunches together and goes all weird, it looks like my lips are dry and flaky,  I don't know if this happens to just me or others too, but I find it is a down side for me, but my love of the colour overcomes that.

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick - Bad Blood 

No Bad Blood is not just a Taylor Swift song, it is a lovely deep red lipstick that was my first purchase from Urban Decay. I had never made a high end purchase before so when I was mooching around the stand I didn't really think I would buy anything. I wanted something that was red because I love red, and I spoke to the girl on the counter about which finish I wanted, I had never had a matte before but she said that this was a nice creamy matte instead of a dry matte.

I had always had problems with my lips when ever I tried a matte lipstick so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with one or not, but with it being more of a comfort matte it has moisture in it so it isn't as drying as others.

This is more of my winter colours, I love having my pale skin (no fake tan for me), my dark hair and a darker lip in winter, it just makes me happy.

New Look Pure Colour Lipstick - Mink 

I was not sure if I should put this one in my blog as technically you cant get this one anymore but it really is one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I have had it for a while and now it is getting to the end I am getting so sad that I wont be able to get it again.

I got this from New Look about 2 years ago and I just love it. It's a high shine lipstick in nude, it is super creamy and super cute to wear especially if you have a nice bold eye look, this is probably another one of my my lips but better lipsticks. It also has a nice smell, which I don't really think is a normal thing for lipstick but it really does. It smells quite floral. So from now on when I go shopping I will make sure this is in my bag so I can compare the colour to other lipsticks.

So these are my favourites .... for now, but my collection will grow and my favourites will change. Which colours of lippy do you love? Are any of these yours??

See you soon
Lots of love

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Book Review - Dangerous Waters By Anne Allen

Nothing makes me more happier then snuggling up with a good book and getting lost in the stories, my head dancing with the images the words create.

I recently found a brilliant book by Anne Allen called Dangerous Waters. Anne is originally from Rugby and now lives in Devon, she is very lucky I wish I lived that close to the beach. She has written this book as part of the Guernsey Novel Series. 

There are 6 books in the whole series and this is the first. Each book is based on a different character, but they are connected by something, but I can't tell you what!! You need to go read them, trust me they are good. 

As you may have guessed the book is set in Guernsey and is based around Jeanne, she used to live on the island, but moved away after a family had a horrible boating accident, which left Jeanne with some memory loss. Sadly her grandmother dies and she has to go back to pack up her house and sell her things, which she isn't very happy about because there are too many bad memories for her . 

This is a book of mysteries, which I am not going to give you the answers to. The biggest question I had was what had Jeanne forgotten. 

While at her grandmothers house Jeanne finds things that make her go on a bit of a hunt, and it leads her all the way back to World War II, what did she find, well I can't tell you that, it is all part of the fun, but I loved this book so much. 

Jeanne as a character is amazing, you can really feel her emotion. From the start of the book when she is on the ferry going over to the island you can understand how she is feeling. She isn't able to say her goodbyes to her grandmother, and as someone who was there when my nan passed away I can understand how hard it would be to not say goodbye. 

 I also love the way Anne describes Guernsey. One part talk's about Jeanne driving towards her grandmother house and the way she depicts the views made me close my eyes and see it as if I were there. I have never been to Guernsey but from Anne's words I can tell it is a beautiful place.

I think it is very well written and I really can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. I am so thank full I have a copy of this on my kindle because it makes it so much easier to take around. 

Now you know what the book is about how would you like a lovely treat?? Do you fancy a holiday??

You could win a 2 night stay in the Hotel Ziggurat in Guernsey.

You will be treated to return flights to Guernsey, bike hire for you both, the stay at that beautiful hotel, as well as signed copies from Anne Allen of The Guernsey Series and more. 

All you have to do is pop onto this website

 and answer a very simple question, What is the capital of Guernsey? So if you fancy diving into the lovely world of Jeanne then give the link and quick click and have a go. Trust me it is worth it. The competition ends on the 30th June so get your skates on. 

If you fancy a read of Anne's books before then head over to her site and have a read.

What books are you reading lately? Anything I should add to my reading list? 

See you Soon 
Lots of Love 

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Wedding Tips For ...

So I want to do a new series on my blog all about tips for while your planning your wedding! From the engagement to the big day!

So if your on the verge of getting engaged or you just have or your just fancy some tips for the future then grab a cuppa and carry on reading.

The one true ring!!!

So there is so much expectation to give that special person the perfect ring in the perfect way! The "tradition" says to spend at least 1 months wage on a ring. Well as a girl who has had 3 engagement rings during my engagement I am here to yell bo***ks!

If you want to propose the be all and end all is NOT the ring, it's the fact you are telling that person you want to spend the rest of your life together.

Paul proposed to me while on holiday in Wales, he did it in our hotel room and he didn't have a ring. Why?? Probably because he didn't realise he was going to do it. He said it felt right to ask, which I love, it made it feel more natural and I am just glad he hadn't spent time thinking over it for weeks.

Everyone is aware of the song "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and yes they are gorgeous, they are timeless and they are expensive, trust me I work in a jewellers so I see people coming in all the time to get their rings.

Does it have to be expensive??? Or a diamond??? NO!!!!! If your special person doesn't like diamonds then don't get them a rock! My GORGEOUS ring (yes I chose it so I am bias but I think it's beautiful) is silver and isn't a diamond. Does anyone notice?? Nope, people just say how pretty it is, so don't get in a panic if your budget doesn't stretch to a £1,800 18ct white gold diamond ring.

My gorgeous ring. 

Go with your gut!

If you do go to pick a ring out, trust your own gut, it is your best friend. You know that person, you love that person, you see them all the time, look at what they wear, is it yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, big or small. Are they the kind of person who likes big stones or small.


Ok let me just put this out there for anyone who walk's into a jeweller store to buy their partner an engagement ring, I say this with love


Planning to buy the ring is fab, your organised, well done but try and rob a ring off them, bring it with you to the jewellers and they will help you to figure out the right size. This helps you in two ways, first it helps you so you don't need to worry about bringing the ring back to get it resized and second it makes you look so on it with your partner.

The Proposal 

Whether it is planned or just popped out of no where, stay calm. Yes I understand I am currently behind a computer screen and not in your position so it is easy for me to say, but if you just take a deep breath and then do it, it will help you to just focus a little and get out everything you want to say.

Enjoy it 

Lastly no matter how, where or when you do it, whether you have a ring or not, enjoy your proposal. Enjoy being engaged and enjoy your time together, because trust me from there on it can be hard. 

See you all soon
Lots of Love 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Confessions of a nail biter

Confession is the name nail biting is the game!!!

I have always been a nail biter, call it anxiety, boredom whatever, but I have done it forever. When Paul proposed I did what any bride to be would do and scrolled through Instagram for inspiration. One picture kept coming up, where the bride and groom have a hands picture showing their wedding rings. I looked at my nails and thought oh dear god mine are horrible!!

 Mine and Paul's engagement picture with my nails looking horrible!! (Clearly had to include our fur baby too lol)

I looked into acrylic nails and gel nails and decided to go with gels. They seemed to be a good to help my nails grow and because they went on top of my own nails like a nail varnish, I wouldn't need to worry about my nails being too long if I got acrylics.

Where I live (like anywhere else) there is a lot of nail salons but the one I decided to go to  Little Luxury Salon. There was a lovely girl there who helped me called Eloise, I sat down with her and decided on colours. I was talking about how I wanted to grow my nails and she suggested putting on a gel that would make my nails stronger and then it would help them to grow. All the girls at the salon were lovely, they were very friendly and nice and just so talkative.

My first nails done at Little Luxury Salon, by Eloise. 

I have been back a few times, an loved me nails every time, thanks to the lovely Eloise. Sadly due to money with the wedding I haven't been in a while but honestly getting gel on my nails has helped me to get out of the habit of biting my nails. I have my wedding nails booked the week of the wedding which I am excited about getting done, and I honestly can't wait to go back.

Eloise telling me about the gel to make my nails stronger is probably the best part of my nails, they really made my nails grow so quickly and even when the gel was off they weren't breaking. So hopefully this will be the end of my nail biting... ok maybe not cause I no I still do but not as much as I used to.  

The last time I went to Little Luxury.

100% I would say if you are having trouble biting your nails go to your nearest salon and talk about gel nails, and if you are in Warrington or anywhere close give Little Luxury a call, they really are a great group of girls. 

See you soon 
Lots of Love