Saturday, 9 June 2018

Day 9 - Blogmas

Christmas for Retail Workers.

Christmas is a time for shopping and it is also a time that a lot of retail workers hate yes HATE. I have worked in retail for 8 years, christmas is always the hardest time. 

I used to work in The Disney Store and in the weeks leading up to christmas you would be asked for particular items, most of the time it was things to do with Frozen. In one 9 hour shift I was told 4 times 'You've just ruined my child's Christmas' because we had sold out of an item that the parent wanted. I bit my tongue and said that I was sorry (why I don't know because it wasn't my fault) but in the back of my head all I thought was ' No mate YOU have ruined there christmas because you didn't buy it when you were last here'. 

I understand that my opinion is very one sided because I am a retail worker, but I think that MOST (not all because some people are lovely) but most people think that retail workers are beneath them, and they can be spoken to in any way because we can't say anything back. When did this culture start??? 

Us shop workers give up our days off, lunch hours and time with our families to be in our work place to make sure that the general public have what they need to have a brilliant time with their families. I know that days off  are given up because where I currently work I get 1 day off in the first and second week in December and then none in the week leading up to Christmas. I have spoken to other places and they tell me they are asked to give up their breaks if it is busy for the 'needs of the business'. That is a company thing and I know that is the employer who has made those rules. All I ask from shoppers is to be nice to us. 

The person you could be yelling at that we don't have something in stock could be a single parent of multiple children giving up time with them, to serve you, to earn money to pay for 1 day with their own children. 

So at this festive season, please be nice and kind to everyone, yes it can be stressful, yes it can be hard, but just think we are all people and we all need a bit of love and festive spirit this time of year. 

In the words of Jerry Springer ''Be kind to one another'' 

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

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