Friday, 8 December 2017

Day 8 - Blogmas

Boxing Day Plan


When I was a kid I had this silly thought in my head that boxing day is when all the boxing matches where on. Now that I am 29 I understand that the meaning actually comes from the Victorian time when rich families would give any left over food from Christmas to homeless or poorer families who would go door to door with boxes, ready to collect the food.

I think that is such a god thing to do, giving back to the less fortunate but I suppose proper food and not just left overs is better.

The company I work for closes on Boxing day, so I get any extra day off, which I am unbelievably great full for. Sadly the company Paul works for is open 24/7 so ha has to work on Boxing day.

I will there fore be waking up a bit earlier then I want to, trying to go to sleep, but probably have Coco jumping on the bed. I will then probably wake up have a coffee. 

One thing I would love to do this year is go for a little walk with Coco. Normally Paul walks her as I am not good with her off the lead and I get a bit anxious when other dogs are around as I don't know what they will be like or how Coco will react to them. But the thought of rapping up in a nice warm clothes and taking her out sounds perfect to me. 

Then I will probably just come home and veg out on the sofa watching TV, films and eating everything in site. 

The only thing that I am worried about is that I haven't been well recently, I have a bit of a cough and bad throat. I worry that because I am off my body will relax and the germs will take over, so I may end up spending the day in bed getting over a cold. (fingers crossed I wont tho).

What are you all doing boxing day???

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Merry Christmas 
Lots of Love 

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