Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Day 5 - Blogmas

Childhood Christmas Memories

Christmas as a kid is like the BEST time ever and now that I am an adult I appreciate it so much more, but I guess that is how life really is. You don't know how good you have it till you don't anymore. 

I have quite a few childhood christmas memories, one is that I remember coming down every morning to watch a kids TV show, something like Journey to the Centre of the Earth but the cartoon version, and it had a lion in it who was like an explorer. I remember I would get ready brek for breakfast every morning and then I would break up my chocolate from my advent calendar and put it in to my ready brek and it would go all chocolatey. 

One Christmas morning I remember coming downstairs, and seeing the HUGE pile of presents on the sofa, and then watching The Flintstones Christmas special, waiting for my dad to wake up so I could open everything. 

I also remember the year I thought I was being left on my own in the living room but instead I got a new bike and everyone had gone upstairs to hide it. 

When I was a kid the routine was always the same, up early, well I would be and so would my mom, I would then sit there like I had ants in my pants, and asking my mom to go and wake up my dad. Once dad was awake I would open all my presents, then mom then lastly dad would open his. Mom would then pass around a big rubbish bag to put all the wrapping paper in, then call my nan and wish her a merry christmas, putting me on the phone, telling me to say thank you for what I got. 

Then we would have breakfast and after I would take all my presents upstairs and get a chance to play with everything. 

I loved it. Although (and to this day I am a little sad about this) the one thing I ALWAYS wanted I never got, and that was a barbie house. I got a convertible car, I get millions of dolls, I got a Skipper (Barbies little sister) I got a Shelley (Barbies really little sister). I even got a Barbie horse, that actually walked when you lifted its tail, but I never got a house!!

What are your favourite Childhood memories as a kid at christmas? 

Merry Christmas 

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