Sunday, 3 December 2017

Day 3 - Blogmas

Christmas Day Outfit

When I was a kid, my outfit consisted of my favourite PJ's my dressing gown and the most comfy fluffy slippers avalible to me. Know I am an adult I love getting in the mood by plannin a nice outift for the day. 

The last two years myself and Paul have had family at our house, so the first year I wore this lovely number 

I love it, I got it at 'Yours' Clothing, and it is my favourite Christmas top, its very comfy and nice and strachy. 

Last year I wanted to get a bit more wow factor. So I get a gorgeous top and skirt with petticoat from Dishonest Soul. 

I loved this outift so much, I wanted to twirl all the time, plus the colours really are so Christmasy especially having the checkered skirt. I do admit tho I was very ill over Christmas so I ended up taking the petticoat off and just having my skirt on. 

This year is very different, this will be the first year where it is just me, Paul and our animals all alone. So I am not afraid to admit I WILL be spending the entire day in my PJ's again. Primark have the best christmas PJ collections at the moment, 

These come in a very cute little box and who can resist ELF!!!!! 

This year I also want to do Paul and I a Christmas eve box, but that is for another blog. So do I go for a nice new christmas pair of PJ's or do I stick to my old faithful and go for my onsie?? I do love my onsie, it has mickey mouse ears and it is red and white, but then there is the whole toilet issue. I plan to have a lot of drink at christmas and so onsies are not good when it comes to going there.

I guess I still have a little time to decide. What will you guys be wearing??? 

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Merry Christmas 

Lots of Love 

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