Saturday, 9 June 2018

Winters Comfort Food


Yes as a fat girl you can guess I LOVE food and one of the best things about this time of year is the fact that I get to have and make a lot of comfort food. 

I wanted to show you my favourite places to go for comfort food and what I love to eat. 

4. The Dormouse 

A brill little tearooms that is all based on Alice in Wonderland is just 1 reason I love this place but also there soup is to die for. You get a large bowl and you also get a huge piece of bread and butter. I've had two different soups there and both were so nice and make you feel all cozy inside. I know this is all about comfort food but also just to point out they have an amazing cake selection too. 

3. The Walton Arms 

Paul and I have been going to The Walton arms for a while, we love it there because we get to bring Coco along with us. My favourite item on the menu would be there Sunday lunch platter that they do. You get 3 meats and then veg, a Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes with an unlimited amount of gravy. I don't like pork or beef, I am much more of a poultry person but the meat I tried was so nice, not rubbery or anything which is really nice. 

2. My Mom's Pie 

When I lived at home my mom would make the most amazing pie! It was mince in a sauce with potatoes on top covered in cheese. It tastes just like home, I loved those days when I would come home and smell it as I walked in, I knew it would be a good night. My mom has told Paul the secret ingredient to her pie but he has since forgot it haha. She refuses to tell me. 

1. My Nan's Irish Stew

This is honestly the only thing better then my moms pie, but lets face it nan cooking is always better then mom cooking (sorry mom love you really). Ever since I can remember I have loved my nan's stew. I remember going over and smelling it cooking and then rushing to the table and having it with bread and butter. Before my nan passed away she gave me the recipe including the secret ingredients to it (which she hasn't even told my mom). A few months after she passed away I made her stew and my mom said it was like nanny had come back and made it herself. Which I am very happy about. 

To tell the truth this post has made me so hungry now so I think I may go off now and make me nan's stew just so I can have it and remember her a little more. Plus lets face it with it getting colder all I wanna do is have a bowl of stew and hyphenate haha. 

See you soon 
Lots of Love 

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