Friday, 1 December 2017

Day 1 - Blogmas

Happy December Everyone!!!! 

So I thought since it is finally December and Youtubers will be doing Vlogmas from today, I wanted to do my very own version and so Blogmas came to mind. Along with two of lovely blogger friends we will be bringing you a blog for everyday from today till Christmas Eve. The two lovely Ladies are Jordan from Jordan Rawr Beauty and Georgie from Georgie Girl Web. At the end of each blog I will add their links so go and check them out too. So here we go day 1 of BLOGMAS!!!!!!!!



Christmas Tree Reveal

Today is all about my CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!! I love decorating the christmas tree, ok well to be honest I love watching Paul decorate the christmas tree. I tend to sit there and play with things and then dress up in tinsel and put baubles on my ears and pretend to be Pat Butcher hahaha. Yes I actually sit there with them over my ears. 

I love the smell of tinsel, does that make me weird, possibly, but I love it. I also have my favourite decorations. We were live there is a little stall that pops up every year and they sell tree decorations and then you can get them personalised. The first year Paul and I moved in together and then last year when it was our first christmas with Coco we got a doggy decoration. 

I love them and I cant wait till next year when we can get a decoration of a newly married couple as it will be our first christmas as husband and wife. 

When I was little our tree was every colour of the rainbow and we had ornaments that were years old. For me and Paul we tend to pick colours so I think the majority of ours are gold which I think is a really nice colour for christmas. 

We got our tree the first year we were together at christmas so this will be our 3rd year of having it and we got it from Argos. The baubles are a mixture of from my parents, ones I already had, and my beloved Disney ones. When we put them up I always have my faves that I hand pick and put on the tree. I got them a while ago and they are still in amazing condition. 

What does your tree look like? Do you help or do you ''Help'' to put the tree up haha?? 

Don't forget to check out the girls blogs either 



See you tomorrow 
Merry Christmas 

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