Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bonfire Night Ideas

''Remember remember the 5th of November the Gun powder Treason and Plot, 
I know of no reason why the Gun powder Treason should ever be forgot''

It is that time again, fluffy hats and gloves, wrapped up in big coats and scarfs, watching fire work displays and bomb fires. Firstly I would like to say that this time of year is to be taken seriously, you need to make sure you are safe first and second make sure your animals are ok. Our dog Coco can be a little funny with fireworks, sometimes she is fine but if its constant she gets scared and can be a bit shaky, so just make sure you and your animals are all safe. 

That being said this time of year can be so much fun, I remember being a kid and my mom would get me sparklers every year and we would stand outside with then making shapes and trying to write my name, you have no idea how hard it is to write 'Charlotte' in sparklers at the age of 6, no wonder I go by Lottie. 

I am not going to a fireworks display this year, and so I thought it would be a nice idea to give you ideas as to what you can do to still have that bonfire night experience. 

My number one is always food, so for me bonfire night makes me think of Jacket Potatoes, Hotdogs, burgers. All things you get at a fire, and they aren't too expensive to get them either so you are well away. 

Toffee Apples!!! I love toffee apples, (I had one tonight, tasted just as good as I remember) they are so good and even with a mouth full of sweet teeth my sweetness was satisfied. 

As a kid I never had this but Paul has said he always had it on bonfire night, Chilli, I do love chilli but I never had it on bonfire night, but I can see the logic as it is such a nice comfort food and you can always do what me and Paul do and put it over jacket potatoes and then add cottage cheese and sweetcorn on top! It is LUSH!!!

As for entertainment, I say anything you like, if there is a firework display near your house you can always pop out into the back garden and have a watch, or just stick a movie on and have a nice family night in, which to be honest is probably going to be what I do. 

OS that is my idea of having a good bonfire night. What will you be doing tonight and tomorrow?? Let me know in the comments. 

See you Soon 

Lots of Love 

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