I had never planned to do this post but I thought about it this morning so I thought I would squeeze another post out and see if anyone can relate to this.

I (like most people) have heard all the myths and legends about 3 am. Being the opposite time to Jesus's crucifixion it is seen by religion as a Devil Oman, you also have the spooky time which says that 3 am is suppose to be the most paranormal time of all night. Then you have that age old tale of, if you wake up in the middle of the night then it means someone is watching you. 

Well I am someone who from a very early age I have never been able to fully sleep through the night, I always wake up, either generally or to go to the bathroom, but I never sleep all night through. The past few weeks I have been a bit paranoid to check my phone when I wake up for fear of seeing that little number 3, and yet like some very weird body clock, I am waking up between 3 and 3.10 every morning. 

Maybe my mind is going into overdrive because it is now Halloween (31st October) as I write this, but I don't know, I just find that is the time I wake up. Then my mind just goes a bit crazy, I cant get up because I'll see a figure, what if I do see a figure, what am I  going to do?

Another thing that happens is I always do feel like someone is watching me, when I lived with my parents the bathroom was on the floor below my bedroom so I had to go up and down the stairs, since my mom and dad were asleep I would tend to go in the dark, I felt like someone was following me and you can bet that I ran up those stairs after. Now I live with Paul we have an en suite, but whenever I come out of it my eye instantly fix on our bedroom door like there is going to be someone stood there. Please tell me I am not the only person this happens to? 

I suppose the reason I am writing this is because it has been playing on my mind a little bit and I wanted to share in the hope that I am not the only one ... hopefully. Or if there is someone out there like me you will know you are not on your own, I am that weirdo too waking up at 3 am and thinking people are around me. 

Maybe it is my head going into overdrive because I was brought up catholic, or I watch too many horror films, but I suppose I can't be the only one right? 

See you soon
Lots of Love 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I never sleep through the night and always seem to wake up at that time. I think my mind goes into overdrive late at night!!! xx


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