October Favourites

This month, I have been able to use a few nice new shiny things, so I had the idea to show you what I have been loving this October.

First thing I am loving this month is


To some people this may seem very weird, but I have not worn them since I was about 9. I had a very bad experience where a small back went into my ear, that really put me off them. This month, after some tooing and frowing, I decided to bite the bullet and get a pair. The pair I have (yep only one) is from Warren James, they were £10 and they are super cute, they have a nice sparkle to them and they are just nice and simple nothing too OTT.

I know that I am a "grown up" but honestly (and I know this is going to sound so weird) I feel like I look like an adult, when I wear them. When I was younger all the adults I knew wore earrings so now I wear them I guess I just see myself as a grown up, ADULTING woo!

MUA Strobe and Glow Pearl Gold Highlighter.

Omg can you say PIGMENTED! The glow I get from this highlight is blinding, I do have a video going you on my youtube channel where you can see my first reaction to it. I have never had such a glittery glow before and I love it, all for the bargain price of £5!!! you get a cream highlight and a powder. The cream is very very pigmented, so when I wear it to work I do tend to use the powder on to so it doesn't look too much.

My new planner

I love it! I bought a new planner a few weeks ago and if u know me well, you will know me and planners are not always friends but honestly this one is AMAZING! You set the dates up yourself so you can start the planner whenever you like, you also get stickers too so you can decorate it and customise it just how you like it. I have used Washie tape on mine and created a blog and youtube section. Its become my new best friend. I have planned out when I will post blogs and videos. I have put in when I am in work so that I can see when I am able to write posts, and when I have a bit more free time. I will also be putting together a wedding section. I did have a wedding planner but because my wedding isn't really conventional, I am putting together one myself, now all I need to do is a get a few more washie tapes and some more stickers and it will be perfect for me.

The planner is made by a company called Kikki.k but I bought it mine from TKMaxx, normal prices for Kikki.k planners are about £45 but mine cost me £19.99, so if you are looking for something you can start now and not have to wait till January then head over to your local TKMaxx and see what you can find.


Nothing like watching a programme about witches over the month of Halloween. I first watched this a few months ago but after the first episode I couldn't get into it, but this month I am loving it. It is on Netflix's and I am currently on season 2.

It is all about the witches in Salem (obviously). My favourite character is Anne Hale, she gets a lot more interesting in the last few episodes on season 1 and in season 2. I am having a few days off work at the moment and I will be binge watching this and The Walking Dead. Give a go!

W7 Bronze and Glow

I used this as my contour for a while, then I moved onto my Rimmel Sculpting palette, but after using my W7 in a video I filmed recently, I have fallen back in love with it. The contour isn't too sharp and I add a little bronzer on top and it gives me such a nice colour. It is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze which retails for £49, I don't have that palette as I am not a high end girl, but looking at pictures you can see how much of a dupe this is. OS for the bargain price of £5.95 you can have this dupe. 

W7 are very good at duping their products as the new eyeshadow palette , released a couple of weeks ago is a dupe (how many times can I say dupe in one sentence) or the Urban Decay Heat palette.

So that is what I have been loving this month. I might be doing this post every month to show you what I like, what do you think> do you want to see more of what I have been loving? 

See you Soon 

Love you Lots 


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