Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Daily Make Up

Hi Lovelies

I am a make up addict .... phew that came out very easy. Thankfully due to my new job where I wear make up everyday I get to buy even more and enjoy it so much more then I did before.

So I thought I would show you all what I do for my daily make up routine. This is for everyday wear so I don't tend to go OTT or anything, its just a very basic make up look for work, but if you would like me to do a post based on what I wear on days off, just comment below and I will do.

I have been trying out this look for a while now so I am able to do it in about 10ish minutes so if I am running late I know I can still pop this on and go. That being said I would like to add that in no way shape or form am I a make up artist, I do not do make up for other people I do it for me because I love it, I am not saying the way I do it is right, I just want to show you what works for me, so this is what I do.

After I have done my skin care routine in the morning I put on my primer which is the Collection Primed and Ready Powered by Witch Mattifying Pore Minimiser, I really like this primer as it gives you more of a matte finish. I am not big on shine unless I have put it there myself so the more matte the better I say. Plus I find around my nose I do have large open pores, I did use the Benefit Porefessional, but being on a budget at the moment I find the Collection one just as good.

I will leave that for a little bit while I set up my make up. I have a shelf in my bathroom where I keep my everyday make up, I find it easy to have it there instead of inside my make up case so it is easier to get out. Then I go ahead and use my foundation.

I go through so many different foundations and I have about 5 in my make up case that I use every now and then but at the moment I am using the L'OrĂ©al Infallible Foundation, it has a pump instead of being in a squeezy tube, I much prefer the pump to the squeezy. I find it a lot easy to control the product by not getting too much out. I dot it or put lines across my face and then use a foundation brush and blend it in using a circular motion. Most people will say to use a beauty blender and I have tried it, I do sometimes use one to put concealer on but I just cant get use to using one to put on foundation.


I like using this foundation because it matches my skin, I am quite pale and find it hard to match sometimes, the only down side I find is that since I wear glasses, by the end of the day it has come off across the bridge of my nose, I use a fixing spray but it doesn't really help, I love wearing glasses but I hate that down side.

After my foundation I go in with a little bit of concealer. I used to have to put quite a lot on but since using my new skin care I havent needed to cover up break outs which is good. I do however have to try and cover up these lovely shopping bags under my eyes, for that I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer. Apart from my holy grail concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection) this is the best concealer I have, it doesn't move or smudge or cake under my eye not to mention the fact that it covers up all the darkness.


With my base done I use my fixing spray, which I have only recently began to use. I used to use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to keep my foundation on place but I do like my fixing spray. I use the Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray, it adds to your skin by giving you a glow. I'm not a tan fan but I do love to glow. So this (and a good highlighter) give me what I need. I did take pictures of me spraying this but I look so weird because I  do this scrunched up face so lets not share those haha.

Once my fixing spray has set in I go in with my contour. BIG NOTE there are two things that I think I always do wrong, even though I do them every day, and contouring is one of them. No matter how many youtube tutorials I watch (basically every single one) I just cant get the hang of it so lets just admit I do it wrong, but its on my face and I like how it eventually looks so as long as your happy with how you look just go with it.

I contour using the W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow Palette, I picked it up in a random make up shop and thought it was a nice colour to use for my skin since it isn't too dark. It comes with the contour and a highlighter. I used a large fluffy angled brush and suck in my cheeks, and go to town blending it in.  

Then I move onto brows BIG NOTE this is my number two of things I can't do but do anyway, my brows, they have been a bit of a problem for me for a while. I am to much of a chicken to get them waxed or plucked so I tweeze them every once in a while and hope for the best haha. So when it comes to make up all I do is fill in the gaps, I don't do an outline or anything, because to be honest I have no idea what I am doing. When I do fill the gaps I use Younique Addiction Palette 2 and use the colour Cocky, its a nice darkish brown and I like how it looks on my brows. It is originally an eye shadow but using it for your brows just shows how diverse a product it is, I have used another colour from that palette as a highlight too and as a cheeky bonus if you order from my friend Nic for your first order you will get free shipping. So click the link in her name and message her.

Next is cheeks and for blush I use the Kiko Limited Edition Less is Better Cream Blush, it is from Kiko's 20th Anniversary and it is such a beautiful colour, I love it. I have never used a cream blush before, but it is easy to use, I just swirl my finger in the jar and then pat it onto my cheeks.

Finally I go on to eyes. On a daily basis I wont tend to do eye shadow, I choose to go for a wing liner and big lashes, for eyeliner I use the Collection Felt Tip Eyeliner, I love the brush because I can use it like a pen which I find easier. I wing it out first then join a line to my eye lid and then fill in the gaps, I only do a little wing but I love how it looks once I have my glasses on.

               (Forgot to take a picture of blusher on its own so this is eyeliner and blusher together)

For mascara I use the Kiko Volume Attraction it really pushes my lashes up and curls them, without me having to use an eye lash curler, I will sometimes also add a Kiko top coat which really makes my eyelashes long but I didn't use it today.


Last but not least just before I leave the house I will do my lips, some days I will put on a bright pink lip but it depends on how I feel, today I just wanted a bit of a clean fresh faced look so I used the Younique Lip Bon Bon, it keeps my lips looking nice because it feels so moisturising but also gives you a colour and smells lovely. 

So that is what I look like when I go to work, I do love make up so much and like I said at the beginning I am so much happier now I get the chance to wear it everyday, so I really can see what I like and give it a proper test drive.

What look do you go for on a day to day basis? Do you change it up? Or do you have a set look? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon
Love you Lots

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