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Here we are 3rd week into mine and Nat's combo posts and I cant believe we only have 1 more left after this, I have come to love our combo. Gonna miss it.

This week is all about skin care, what we use and how it helps us.

As anyone who has read my blog for a while knows I am a very big brander, as in when I find something I love I will follow that brand to the ends of the earth, but this year I am trying to break with tradition and venture out to a bold new world of brand new products.

This blog is a perfect example of how my skin care has slightly changed over the last year. I think I did a blog similar to this a few months back and that was all based on Nivea. Although there is a couple of Nivea products in here, this blog will show how much I am branching out and using others too :D
The first thing I would like to talk about is my make up remover, and surprise surprise its Nivea hehe, it is the Nivea Double Effect eye make up remover and I hand on my heart will buy this forever.

I had seen this in superdrug and I thought, well I need something good to take my eye make up off because I am waking up with panda eyes everyday. I do not regret that decision since it is totally amazing and I give it a HUGE 10/10. I put it on cotton wool, hold it on my eyes for a few seconds,  wipe away and poof its all gone. Trust me try it :)

To get my main make up off I use my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Deep Cleansing Milk It smells so good, like peaches with a hint of mint hehe.

I use 2 pumps in my hand and just use it like a soap and it takes all of my make up off. I haven't used this before but Paul got it for me for Christmas in my soap and glory set. I know it will last a while but since it is such a simple way to get my make up off then I will be getting this again.

Next is my exfoliator, which I use twice a week or when ever my skin feels like it needs a little extra, I use the Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (yep another Nivea) I have used this since I was 19 and I don't think I will ever change it.

After taking my make up off, I wet my face, and rub in the exfoliator, I tend to concentrate around my T zone and chin, because that is where  I get a lot of break outs. Sometimes if I feel my skin is a little cloggy then I will leave it on my face a little longer just to make it feel fresher. Then I wash it straight off.

And there you have it that is what I use on my skin. I find for my skin type, which is combination, it works and works well, so I will continue to use this.

I do use a moisturiser but I love it so much that I have made a whole blog post just about it which will be coming soon.

See you soon
Lots of Love


  1. I might have to give the exfoliator a go, I've been looking for one for a long time but couldn't decide what to try!x

    1. Do it lol, ive used it for so long tjat i wudnt want to try anything else plus it leaves my skin feeling so good :) xxx


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