Monday, 25 January 2016

Yours Sale

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok.

Eeekkkk it feels good to be back!!! Sorry ... ok phew ... its all out my system ... Eeekkkkk.... Ok NOW its all out my system haha!

So picture it, family gathered around, its Christmas night, you have eaten a lot and drank a lot, played charades and now everyone is starting to get tired. The tv gets turned on and your watch a comedian, its funny and lovely to spend time with your family but there is that little voice in the back of your head..

                                     "Sales.....  Sales"

No I must ignore it, I am here with my family and we are having fun. Then suddenly your boyfriends sisters breaks out the laptop mentions Boxing days sales and everything goes out the window!!!
Yep this is how I ended up on Your's website at 930pm Christmas night and found two amazing dresses :)

The first was a blue dress with butterflies on with a tie around the waist. Sadly it has since sold out but I have managed to find a picture online. 

Isn't it gorgeous.

  The second was a fabulous pink dress with white detailing at the top and a chiffon style lower half that totally makes me feel like a fairy every time i wear it hehe.

                 This is still on the website and you can find it here

I ordered it into my nearest store and waited patiently.

December 30th an email pops into my inbox, finally they had arrived. So new years eve I skip off to the store (where I'm sure the sales lady who always serves me is 1 visit away from knowing my name and postcode off by heart hehe) and find my dresses as gorgeous as there were online.

I tried the butterfly dress on first but it was very baggy, normally I am a size 20 so that is what I ordered. Also being a short bum I new it would be long on me but I didn't mind, but it was baggy at the top around the neck line and under the arms. It made me very sad because they didn't have any 18's but I quickly bagged it up and sent my boyfriend off to find a replacement.

The second dress aka my new fairy dress, was AMAZING. The material sat just right, the chiffon was gorgeous and it didn't hug my figure at all, which I loved.

I was just getting changed when my boyfriend handed me a dress, he got two sizes an 18 and a 20, since the last 20 didn't fit me. I put the 20 on and instantly fell in love.

                This is also still on the website and you can get this from here.

It has a black lace detailing around the collar that goes down to just above my cleavage. Then it is a deep red wine colour. It has a zip on the back and a little black clasp that can be very tricky to do up because it is so small, but its perfect. It has a chiffon material again, and comes with an under dress type thing that really confused me at first but then I got the hang of it.

Again I fell in love and that was it, I swopped my beloved butterfly dress and walked out with two amazing new additions to my wardrobe. 

Yours still have some brilliant bargain's in their sale so pop over and see what you can get for a brill price. 

See you soon guys 
Lots of Love 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok.

I'M BACK!!!!

I am so sorry you haven't heard from me for a rather long time, I have been having the busiest time with work. Also personal problems have popped up which means I have been neglecting you and my blog so much, but I am back now and with new ideas on posts.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and you don't have too much of a headache after New Years Eve.

Let me tell you about what's happened over the last few months. Me and Paul finally have the house looking how we want and then the guttering outside the spare room decided to get all clogged and we had a huge leak all down the inside wall, we have to wait till it airs out and drys to do anything.
I had my first trip to Manchester trafford centre and I loved it. Paul has got a car for a few months so we can go on lots of day trips yay!!

My health hasn't really been good, not my physical health but my mental one. I have briefly mentioned this on my blog before but never gone into much detail but I suffer from Depression and anxiety, these last few months its been bad, and I haven't really wanted to do anything. I have tried different things to take my mind off of it but nothing has really helped.

I was first diagnosed with it 5 years ago and before I moved to warrington it was so bad that I was going to a support group. Being here now I took the decision that I wouldn't ask for help or go to the doctors and I am regreting that now. So this year I will go to the doctors and ask for help I will try and stop thinking I can deal with it alone when I don't have to. The hardest part for me is asking. To me it's like admitting I can't do something and I hate thinking that about myself, but I need to take care of myself as well and if that means asking for help then I will.

What else has happened??? Ooo I own my own business. I am now a Younique presenter, I thought to myself "well I love make up so much I may as well sell it" haha.

I have had a lovely Christmas spent up north with Pauls family and then went to Birmingham and had another one with mine so its been a really good few days.

I suppose as well as being a welcome back post this is a wrap up of 2015 too.

What would I like 2016 to bring? I suppose good mental health, organisation, blogging, make up, new friends, old friends, and above all fun (oh god how cheesey do i sound lol).

See you soon.
Lots of Love