Wednesday, 2 September 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

 Day 2 - 20 Facts About Me

Hi Guys

So here we are day 2 and today is all about 20 facts about me. Well for anyone who has seen my Youtube channel (its still a baby in the making) you will know I have already done a 10 things about me, so I wont go over those again, so I have thought about 20 new things to say :D here we go

1 - I am addicted to my phone, if I am able to have it with my I will constantly be on it, instagram, facebook, twitter. I also use it first thing in the morning to listen to music on youtube when I do my make up.

2 - I have just moved to warrington with my boyfriend, in our first home together and my first time (except for uni) that I have been this far from my family, I miss them but they know I am happy and I get to skype with my mom and dad at least once a week.

3 - I LOVE canvas pictures, our house has loads of them. There is one in our hall when you come in the front door, I got it from next and I love it, its called 10 rules for a better life. Paul recently bought a couple more with cakes on and whenever I look at them, it makes me want cake mmmmm cake.

4 - I spray air freshener like it is going out of style, I like things smelling nice, in our living room we have that air wick things that just sprays every so often, and we have one under the sink in the kitchen and one in each bathroom, I am a bit weird when I spray tho, I stand in the middle of the room and spin in a circle while I spray it. Am I a weirdo???

5 - I could eat chicken till it comes out of my ears, chicken breast, chicken sandwiches, chicken soup, chicken crisps, roast chicken, nandos, chicken burgers I could just go on forever, basically I like chicken,

6 - I have never been on a plane, I am scared of heights and it scares em to think that I wont have my feet on the ground, that I am in mid air, I will gladly go on trains and boats (big boats, very big boats, but not something like a canal boat), but I could never go on a plane, everyone keeps saying it is fine but I just keep thinking no no no way too scary.

7 - I commute to work, I currently work in Manchester, and so I have a 30 minute train ride to and from work each day, I like this time because I can catch up on emails, check over drafted blogs and just catch up with the guys on my instagram and Facebook.

8 - I am trying (slightly failing) to cure my fear of spiders. Outside my front door at the moment is a very big spider (and I mean huge, well not huge, he or she has a body the size of a 5p but the legs of aragon from Harry Potter they are HUGE). I am trying to do my best to ignore it, but leaving for work is beginning to become a problem. So fingers crossed he (I'm just gonna call him he, do you think I would feel differently if I gave him a name?? Hmmmm Bob let's call him bob) fingers crossed bob will find a new home somewhere else far far away and not leave any nest presents for us. (Gosh that was a long fact sorry guys) 

9 - I hate sprouts!!!! With a passion, I can't stand them, they taste horrible, they look like a little sad cabbage left over in a shop that no one wants. I hate them, I mean nothing personal or anything but I just don't them. 

10 - My first ever concert was Mcfly and I went with a friend from college, Charlotte (not me, I didn't go alone, another Charlotte). We were both madly in love with Harry and just stood there screaming the while time. 

11 - I am trying to grow my nails, sadly my nails are not getting the message and keep breaking. I use Sally Hensens Strong as Nails, but it isn't working, anyone got any ideas??? 

12 - I have always been and will always be the "Charlotte" of Sex in the City in my friendship group (you know what I mean Keeley)  I am very pro love, I believe in fairy tales I like to thing everything happens for a reason and I love the idea of a happy ending, if you are not happy it just means you are in the bad part of the fairy tale, don't worry your happily ever after will come.

13 - I really really really really like REALLY desperately want a Caviller king Charles spaniel!!!! I am in love with those dogs, it's gotten to a stage where if I go for a walk in the park and I see a dog I can tell at like 100 paces if it's a cavvy, I get excited and then plead with the owner to let me stroke it. 

14 - Kinder eggs are my new favourite chocolate! I love them. Milky chocolate on the outside and a toy inside, what's not to love, the new ones have minions inside, (I also love minions) my favourite is Bob (not the spider outside my front door) and the first minion I got.... was Bob woop woop.

15 - I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, it isn't something I go round broadcasting, it's just something I have, I try my best to keep calm and avoid situation where my anxiety can flare up, but my depression is something I just can't control, I've had it for a while now, and my boyfriend is amazing, he understands and does everything he can to help me. He is very much my rock.

16 -  I really like to write stories, I used to write them when I was younger and had planned a young persons novel (which I need to continue with), I love thinking of characters and who people are, going into their back stories, I suppose that is the actor in me coming out. 

17 - Going on the "making things up" route, when I am commuting to and from work, I love to make up stories for the people who are in my carriage, and it makes it fun when I see the same people over and over again because their story grows hehe (yes I admit I am fully weird, but when my ipod is not charged and your phone has no data a 30 minute train ride feels like eternity).

18 - I am totally the kind of person who will read a text and reply in my head but never actually reply, I also do it in real life, I'll be engrossed in a TV show or my phone Paul will ask me a question and I think 100% I have replied, but I haven't I've just said it in my head, note to self: stop thinking people can read your mind.

19 - My biggest and most wanted dream is to have a family, I work in a shop and I am team leader of the children's section of that shop and I get to work with kids every day, and I love them they say the funniest things in the world and with one sentence they can have you in floods of tears laughing or make your heart melt by doing something utter hilarious. I think I am born to be a mommy and one day I totally will be :) and I can't wait. 

20 - Oooooo last fact!!!!! This is all exciting now, hmmmm, I am the most accident prone person you will ever meet. I once ran full on into the corner of an iron door!! Fallen off concrete stumps, walked into lampposts, tripped over nothing, I walk into shelves at work, forget to step up on stairs sometimes. I have pocked myself in the eye, and smacked my head off a mirror getting to close when doing my mascara, which then made me poke my eye with the mascara brush. So ye I am THAT person. 

Anyway I hope these 20 facts about me have been funny and entertaining, and I hope you enjoyed it. Pop back tomorrow for Day 3. 

See you soon 
Lots of Love

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