Eyebrows .... what???

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok 

Ok so something I haven't really ever spoken about is my love hate relationship with my eyebrows. I must admit I have never really been a person who looks at my eyebrows, thinks about my eyebrows or even likes to think about the upkeep of them. 

 I pluck them whenever they need it but apart from that I never know what to do about them or with them. 

 Recently I have been seeing a lot of eyebrow stuff on insta and in the media and it got my thinking: 

''How much do I actually think about them? Do they have the right shape? Do they look full?''

The more I thought about it the more I caught myself looking at other girls eyebrows and then it became like an obsession, ''Do my eyebrows look messy? Do I need to do something about them? Filling? Plucking? Waxing? or even the dreaded (dun dun dunnnnnn) Threading? 

 I felt totally lost, so I bit the bullet I went out and got myself a Barry M Brow Kit, and I am not afraid to say it, I was totally lost, it has this brown and creamy colour powder that to me looked like matte eyeshadow, and then a creamy dark brown part that I honestly thought was not meant to look like that, (I sound like I don't know about make up but this is the first brow kit I have ever had). 

I still haven't really sat down and used it yet because I am worried that my eyebrows don't match, so I started thinking about getting them put into some sort of shape and then all i have to do is (learn how to) fill them in and up keep them with the tweezers, but what to do I do???? 

Do I carry on plucking and hope for the best, do I wax them (OUCH) or even (deep breath) go get them threaded (EVEN BIGGER OUCH). 

I mean since when did eyebrows become such a big thing? I didn't even think about mine till I saw other girls with amazing ones, yes I know I should never compare myself to other girls and I honestly don't anymore. I think deep down I really do want to learn but what do I do? Where do I go?? Any help people 

Small girl lost over here.

So what do you guys do? Do you wax, pluck, thread, what would you advise a newbie eyebrow girl to do?? 

See you soon guys 

Lots of Love 


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