Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Confidence - A little help

Hey Guys

Hope your all ok

I have always wanted to use this blog in a lot of different ways, reviewing make up and clothes, talking about my life and what is going on in it, but I also want to try and help people too.

 I know I have spoken about loving ourselves a little bit more before but this is going to be about having a little bit more confidence. Whether that is with work, your personality, school college, your body or anything.

 When I was younger I was not confident at all, I would look down to the ground and not really put myself out there and it was because of the way I had been treated. 

 Now I can look back on that time and think of Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, in one of the episodes she is talking about what she had, a best friend and a boyfriend and how she wished she could go back and tell her 13 year old self that it does get better. I wish I could do that too. 

 Confidence starts from within, it is something that you feel deep down, either when you can walk into school on the day of a presentation and know you have all the information in your head, or leaving the house in that really cute dress that hugs and skims you in all the right places and you feel like a million dollars.

 For me the best feeling I have ever had in the entire world is when I was at uni and had just finished a performance, hearing your audience clap and seeing the smiles on their faces knowing I was part of what had made them so happy. I was in a show once where I had to sing a solo, and I will tell the truth I am still not confident enough to sing in front of people on my own I just don't have that confidence, but in the show I wasn't me I was this character and she was happy to sing, but at the end this lady came up to me, I had no idea who she was and she just tapped my arm and took me to one side and said ''your voice is amazing well done'' I still think of it and it gives me little butterflies in my tummy thinking about a random women telling me what she thought. 

 The biggest problem I had with confidence was confidence in my body, which a lot of people suffer with, I was the same, I hated my body, I tried so many fad diets that I would get bored with and then go back to the way I was before. I started to not like how I was yoyoing from a size 20 to a size 14 and back again, I thought to myself, why are you doing this, and I thought about it for so long and I realised I am doing it to fit in, I am doing it to compete with people around me, at the time all the people I was hanging out with were so pretty and so skinny and I wanted to be like them, but I am not them I am me, and me is all I can be. 

 I realised that I am not trying to get thin for me, that is why I am failing because deep down no I don't want to do this, and so I was giving up. I was happy being me, I like going out and having nice food and not having to think what do I need to do at the gym tomorrow to get rid of this food. I like the way I look, and it took my 26 years to realise no I don't hate my body, it is the only body I have and I love it.

 Building the confidence to tell people was easier then I thought and they all said it was fine and agreed with me that I didn't need to change. 

 If people want to loose weight or wanted to change something about themselves then I will back them, but you need to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, otherwise one day you will think like I did and wonder why you are doing it. 

 It will not come overnight, it will take time, what I said before is pick one thing you no to be true, whether it is one fact for a test you need to take or one thing you like about yourself, think about that fact, think positive and you will get there, that confidence will grow and before you realise, it will be second nature for you to hold your head high and strut into that classroom, exam hall, work or down  street knowing you are confident and it will be AMAZING. 

Lots of Love 

Eyebrows .... what???

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok 

Ok so something I haven't really ever spoken about is my love hate relationship with my eyebrows. I must admit I have never really been a person who looks at my eyebrows, thinks about my eyebrows or even likes to think about the upkeep of them. 

 I pluck them whenever they need it but apart from that I never know what to do about them or with them. 

 Recently I have been seeing a lot of eyebrow stuff on insta and in the media and it got my thinking: 

''How much do I actually think about them? Do they have the right shape? Do they look full?''

The more I thought about it the more I caught myself looking at other girls eyebrows and then it became like an obsession, ''Do my eyebrows look messy? Do I need to do something about them? Filling? Plucking? Waxing? or even the dreaded (dun dun dunnnnnn) Threading? 

 I felt totally lost, so I bit the bullet I went out and got myself a Barry M Brow Kit, and I am not afraid to say it, I was totally lost, it has this brown and creamy colour powder that to me looked like matte eyeshadow, and then a creamy dark brown part that I honestly thought was not meant to look like that, (I sound like I don't know about make up but this is the first brow kit I have ever had). 

I still haven't really sat down and used it yet because I am worried that my eyebrows don't match, so I started thinking about getting them put into some sort of shape and then all i have to do is (learn how to) fill them in and up keep them with the tweezers, but what to do I do???? 

Do I carry on plucking and hope for the best, do I wax them (OUCH) or even (deep breath) go get them threaded (EVEN BIGGER OUCH). 

I mean since when did eyebrows become such a big thing? I didn't even think about mine till I saw other girls with amazing ones, yes I know I should never compare myself to other girls and I honestly don't anymore. I think deep down I really do want to learn but what do I do? Where do I go?? Any help people 

Small girl lost over here.

So what do you guys do? Do you wax, pluck, thread, what would you advise a newbie eyebrow girl to do?? 

See you soon guys 

Lots of Love 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

First Ever No7 Purchase. Ta Dah!!

Hi Guys 

Hope your all ok and having a lovely week. 

 Today I did something I have been meaning to do for a while, I went into Boots and tried there skin match. For those of you who don't know or haven't heard, they have this very cleaver little machine that they put just on top of your skin and it says which one of their foundations would match your skin colour. 

  I am the first to admit I am such a brand follower. If I find something that I love, I will always be loyal to that brand and buy their items. For foundation that has always been Loreal True Match Foundation in Fair, but sadly recently it just has not been working for me, I tried the Wake Me Up by Rimmel in the fairest shade but to me that still seemed a little dark.

 I had to go into boots today anyway to look at hair dye (yep I'm gonna colour my hair again) and when I saw the make up counter I thought oooo lets try it, firstly it was just out of interest, the sales girl was absolutely lovely. She didn't seem pushy with the products unlike some places you can go to where they try to sell you everything under the son. 

 She took her time, and even though it had been a long day she didn't fob me off and give me a rush version of things, she talked me though everything. She took the make up I already had on off and then took this little machine out of a draw, it was so tiny I honestly thought it would have been bigger, she held it against the right side of my cheek and then the left and said ''Cool Vanilla''. In my head I thought omg that is such a cute name, she asked me how I like my make up to look about my skin tone and then went off and found the right foundation for me. Stay Perfect foundation it is for all skin types and gives a matte finish.

 She asked me about my skin care routine and also gave me good advice about taking my make up off and what not to use. She put it on and straight away she said how good a match it was for my skin tone. She added concealer under the eyes and blush and then asked if I wanted to try the new mascara that had come out and I thought oooooo go on then, well I had gone that far and I cant not go out without mascara. She put one coat on and BOOM hello eyelashes.

 I have been looking for a mascara that would make my eyes pop and push out, I hate wearing false lashes as I wear glasses and they don't feel right, so finding this is like a god send. It is called Dramatic Lift and it gives your lashes 70% more volume and just makes them look amazing. 

I love how they make my eye lashes look and I love how the foundation is so close to my skin tone. 

Like I said before I am a totally brand follower, and boots you have a new follower, I think this is my new foundation and mascara place, I love my Loreal but it is just not working for me anymore and I need to move on a little, I may come back to it but for now I am a No7 Girl!!!!!!

I loved them so much I bought them, I loved them and I think I will checking out the rest of the No 7 range, if these are that good then I anticipate the rest of the range. 

I would recommend theses to anyone and if you haven't tried the Skin Match, do it cause you may be a little different then what you thought you where, I know I was. 

See you guys soon