Mega Babes May Week 2

Hi Guys

Hope your all ok.

So this is week 2 of my Mega Babes May and this week I wanted to tell you all about an amazing women, who is not only a brilliant blogger but someone who is so friendly and such a lovely person. This week it is Natty Nikki (click here for her blog link).

I first came across Nikki on YouTube, I have always been a very big YouTube watcher but my problem was that all the women I was watching were thinner then me so when they were shopping and doing hauls I could never shop the same places. 

When I found Nikki the first thing I thought was omg this women is so nice and funny, and as I watched more she was showing these amazing clothes. 

Nikki has this art of being able to find all the amazing clothes, whether it is venturing to the tiny rail under the esculators in H and M or riffeling through the sale in New Look she always finds the best things. Btw I honestly do not have the patients that she has to do that, I look for 2 minutes and then give up haha!  

I started following Nikki on Instagram and here is where I really got to see her amazing fashion sence. 

I have also had the great pleasure of meeting Nikki, she arranged a blog shopping meet up, and I can say with all honesty she is one of the friendliest people I have ever met, she is lovely. 

The other thing that makes her totally brilliant is the fact that we have this in common ..... 


Ok so back to a non star wars place, and honestly Nikki is brilliant, she is an amazing blogger, her videos are down to earth and very honest. She is genuinely an all round lovely lady, she has helped me to realise that it is not about having to be a specific size to have amazing style, you can dress exactly the way you like no matter what your size, Nikki has helped me be more confident in what I wear and I want to thank you for it.

Thank you Nikki your the best!!!

Anyone reading this go and check out Nikkis blog and YouTube and you'll see how amazing she is.

See you soon 



  1. Thank you so much for this it has truly made my day! Reading something like this makes all the hard work of blogging so worthwhile xxxx

    1. I'm so glad you like it hunny, u are seriously amazing, thank u for being such an inspiration to me xxx

  2. I love both of your blogs. Also an added bonus that you are both local so I know where you are talking about 😊

    1. Aww thank u Sarah :) and yay another midlander hehe xx


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