Mega Babes May Week 3

Hi Guys 

I hope your all ok.

So these last couple of weeks have been a bit of a world wind, so that is why I haven't been posting as much as I should be, I will go into more detail about that another time. The post I really want to keep up with is my Mega Babes because it is so important to me. 

This week I wanted to show off a women who sadly I have never met, but would love the chance too. She is someone who has boosting my body confidence in so many more ways then I could ever hope for. She is an excellent blogger and her tattoos and fashion sense are to die for!!!! 

This week I am going to be talking about the gorgeous Kate London-James from How Kate Does Fashion.

I first found Kate on Instagram and instantly I loved her style. Her make up is always flawless, which I am so jealous of lol, I LOVE her tattoos, and her clothing is just amazing. 

I started to follow her and each day she posted I saw how not only was she so pretty and stylish she is also so down to earth. She is very modest and always thanks people for comments they have left. 

                     (See what I mean about flawless makeup lol)

As well as all the things I have mentioned Kate has this amazing fashion sense, she gives me so much inspiration with fashion. I am a person who is never really sure what goes with what or which colouring I mix and match and Kate has given me so many ideas about what I can do for myself. 

The main reason Kate is one of my Mega Babes is because she has given me so much confidence towards my body it is unbelievable! 

It has been quite a few weeks now but I remember what happened the day I saw the most beautiful picture of this women. I had been at work, but I had been so down because I had had my first experience of trolling, not me personally but I had noticed how many horrible narrow minded people there are out there. I was flicking through instagram and then I came across this .... 

I remember just stopping and looking, and thinking how amazingly brave she must be, because I could never do anything like this. After a while I thought why couldn't I do this? I have a body just like any other person, and just because I am fat is that any reason for me to cover up? Should I walk around covering every inch of my body because of my size?? Hell no!!!

I am FAT!!! So what!!! If you don't like my body don't look at it, that is what Kate has taught me, to love my FAT body just the way it is, and you know what, for the first time in my 27 years of life I can say I do love my body. 

I am fat and if I do not want to change then I won't!!! 

Thank you Kate you are honestly a sensational women who is a role model to so many people (which you already know since I've told you a million times lol). Thank you for helping me to love me.

Anyone reading this check out Kate's blog (linked above just by first picture) because she is just so lovely. 

See you soon 



  1. Great post hun! I can see why she would inspire you so much. I love the idea that you showcase the bloggers who inspire you it's really nice to see. xx

  2. I am so sorry I am just getting back to you, she really is amazing and well worth writing about :D and thank you hunny xxx


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