Why does it effect me so much?

Hi guys

I hope your all ok.

This is going to be a bit of a quick post but I wanted to write it down quickly.

Lately on instagram I have been more and more shocked about what I call "fatbashing".

Although it has never happened to me personally, as a fat person, (yes I admit it) I feel like I am being hated for my size just because of how I look.

There are accounts set up with no real names just pictures of larger people with stupid sayings on.

Firstly I don't understand how people have the nerve to do this? Someone pointed out to me that its more then likely the same person making these pages and posting, so where do these people find the time? Do they not have a life?

Secondly they have been using #'s like effyourbeautystandards this really miffs me off, this was created to help people, to empower them and if you actually read up on it Tess Holliday created it for all people who do not fit the mold of what some people define as beautiful. No matter what size you are or how you look.

I dont know why this had got to me so badly. Before I have been really vocal about it to my boyfriend and my family but today for some reason it has really effected me.

Why cant people just get on with there lives? Every single person on this earth is different, isn't that what makes us special? If everyone had the same skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, height and weight and all dressed the same what the hell would we have to tell us apart?

These people are horrible individuals, who need to concentrate more on their own lives rather then anyone else's, I was happy today till I noticed how many of these people there are but do you know what I have realised since I have been writing this?

The community I belong to are a community of supportive, friendly, understanding, non discriminative people, that is the type of community I want to belong to, not a group of people who hate, bully and judge.

So you keep going with your hateful ways because me and all us awesome people will be over here building each other up higher and higher till people like you are not in sight anymore!!!!

See you soon


  1. Don't worry about these trolls lovely - people like this have absolutely nothing going on in their lives. Keep being you and being fabulous! #EFFTHEHATERS

    1. Hi thank you hunny, I think I let it get to me in a moment of weakness, but thank you hunny xxxx

  2. Don't worry about those idiots. They are nobodies that has to hide behind the screen to dare to have an opinion. They are just taking it out on someone who has a more exciting life than they do. :) You are beautiful and amazing. Just remember that!! :) xx

    1. Thank you so much hunny your amazing, sorry its taken me so long to write back, but thank you xxxx


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