Evans Skinny Jeans Review

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So recently me and some of the other bloggers I know went on a lovely shopping trip and while I was with them I picked up a pair of jeans from Evans. I have never really been a big jeans person, I am 5ft tall and a size 20 and so I could never find a pair that fitted me perfectly. So when the other girls pointed them out I was slightly skeptical, especially since they were a pair of skinny jeans, but I took them and tried them on anyway. 

 Since we all had a pair of jeans we decided to try them first. I went into the changing rooms and that is when the magic happened! I got them past my knees, ok I thought that's good, then I got them past my thighs, this is great I thought, then the dreaded moment, I pulled them up past my bum, and ..... THEY DID UP!!! 

Not only were they the right length and the right size, they are stretchy they pulled my bum up and in and they still allowed me to walk normally. They aren't stiff they don't ride up anywhere and when I wear them to work I will be able to do all my normal things (I work with children so I'm up and down off the floor and up and down ladders). 

These are honestly the best jeans I have ever bought, I am not just saying that, when I got home my mom tried them on and asked me to get her a pair too, my mom is the same shape as me. My mom is the type of person who hates clingy things but she loves these jeans, so I will be making another trip to Evans to get these. 

So ladies if you are looking for amazing jeans that you can dress up or down take a look at these babies.

You can find these gorgeous jeans right here. 

See you soon. 


  1. You look amazing. :) I love your smiley face in these photos. They makes me happy. :) I have never tried the jeans from Evans and like you, I'm not keen on jeans, so perhaps I should try them! :)

    1. Hi awwwww thank you so much, I'm glad I'm not the only non jean wearer hehe, and honestly they feel more like leggins then jeans I love them :) xxx


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