Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'They Shouldn't Wear That'

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This blog post is very close to my heart, last week the Singer / Presenter Jamelia made some very silly comments regarding her views on what type of clothing should be available in main stream shops. She said that high street stores should not make clothing for anyone above a size 20 or below a size 6 and that for those of us who fall into the above or below ranges should be made to go to specialist shops and feel bad about it. 

In response to this, the brilliant blogger Debz (click here for the link to her blog) came up with an amazing idea, #WeAreTheThey . Jamelia was constantly calling the above 20s and below size 6 people ''They'' and Debz wanted to prove that the ''They'' have a face, so at 8pm last Wednesday it went live on twitter with all of us putting pictures up to prove us ''They'' lot have a face and we will not sit in silence while we are being told where we can and can not shop. The response has been amazing. I am proud to say I put my picture up too, I am a size 20 and proud of it, I do not have medical problems and I don't understand why I should be pushed out of shopping on my own high street because of my size. 

Anyway this week to mark the anniversary Debz has thought of another brilliant idea, this is to throw that stupid fashion rule book right out the window and break down the walls of what we ''should'' wear. 

To show that my size does not stop me from wearing anything I have gone with the ''rule'' that ....


              ''Fat girls shouldn't wear white, or any dress above the knee'' 

I have a gorgeous white dress that I got from New look about a million years ago for my university graduation ball. I love it, it came with a black belt around the waist, but I don't tend to wear it anymore as I like it just the way it is. I also wore this for one of my birthday and most recently, one of my friends hen party as the theme was white pink and black. 

The reason I love this dress is because it is the only dress I have ever felt truly comfortable wearing, others I will wear leggings or tights with but this I don't mind showing my legs off in, I love the way it looks and I love how it fits me totally perfectly I love it. 

I want to prove that just because I am a size 20 do not judge me and think I can not wear this. I love it and I will wear what ever I like, and I think no one should ever be judged for what they want to wear.

So all you lovely people reading this blog, I call you to act now, do not listen to what anyone say, no matter your shape or size if you want to wear it wear it, flaunt your amazing individuality, show off those curves, get your legs out, love your arms. What ever you want to wear, go get it on, get those pictures up on twitter and add the hashtag #WeAreTheThey and show everyone that you will do what you want with your body no matter what some silly ''rule'' book says.

The other lovely ladies blogging about this are : 

Go check them out and see what you think :D

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Review on Schwarzkopf Hair Colour

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So as some of you know I love to colour my hair. I am madly in love with red hair but sometimes the upkeep can be a bit too much.

My hair is naturally brown but can go a little auburn in the summer, which I love, I wish I had been born auburn its such a gorgeous colour.

I have used other hair colours before but I wanted something that would be relatively easy to upkeep and that if I was unable to you wouldn't notice my roots majorly. I decided to go for the Schwarzkopf Colour Mask, in 586 Warm Mahogany. 

I have been looking at this colour for so long, it is so nice and I love that it has the red in the brown but it is darker then straight red. Being a colour mask I thought this would be a much easier colour to apply to my hair, it was so easy to put together, you get your normal tube of colour, and then the tub of the mask, you put them together in the tub and shake well. As normal you get your conditioner too which I always love since it makes me hair all nice and shiny. 

As I said before I have coloured my hair a lot and I have my lovely hair dying top, which is covered in hair dye, but I love it, its comfy and sleeveless which means it is easier to put the colour on with. So when I decided to do my hair I grabbed it and started. 

I will say that if you are going to colour your hair please remember that you will need to do an allergy test before, the last thing you want is to think your fine and then have an allergic reaction, so please guys remember to do your test. 

 I mixed it all together and then I started, I sectioned my hair off down the middle and applied it root to tip each section. The smell is very strong so I would suggest to do this in a room with a window, I didn't and I paid for it after with a huge headache. 

I found this quiet a hard mix to work with, the tub is small so its hard to get your fingers in with the gloves on and get a good amount. I found it was very gloppy and dripped a lot, which considering it is a mask you wouldn't think it would be. I am normally really good and can apply my hair colour without having huge problems with colour on my skin but this went everywhere, all over my face, my neck, my chest, and somehow on my nose, don't ask how I have no idea. 

Like I said I have never had this before. Once my hair was totally covered I scrubbed my face for a while but it was still not coming off, once the 30 minutes was up, I washed the colour out and used the conditioner, which made it all silky and smooth. I tied my hair up and I get into a bath where I managed to scrub off the colour on my face and chest (thankfully since I had work the next day).

Once my hair was dried and straightened it looked amazing, the colour was exactly what I wanted and it was so silky and smooth and smelt really nice. 

After everything I was very happy with the overall look of colour which still looks really nice and vibrant now even though it has been about 2 weeks, but that might be the shampoo I use but it still really does look good. My only downside is the consistence of the mask I didn't like the design of the tub which made it hard for me to get the product out, I also didn't like it being so runny and easy to drop off your hands. 

Like I said I love the colour but I am unsure whether I will use it again because of how hard it is to handle.

See you soon 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Evans Skinny Jeans Review

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So recently me and some of the other bloggers I know went on a lovely shopping trip and while I was with them I picked up a pair of jeans from Evans. I have never really been a big jeans person, I am 5ft tall and a size 20 and so I could never find a pair that fitted me perfectly. So when the other girls pointed them out I was slightly skeptical, especially since they were a pair of skinny jeans, but I took them and tried them on anyway. 

 Since we all had a pair of jeans we decided to try them first. I went into the changing rooms and that is when the magic happened! I got them past my knees, ok I thought that's good, then I got them past my thighs, this is great I thought, then the dreaded moment, I pulled them up past my bum, and ..... THEY DID UP!!! 

Not only were they the right length and the right size, they are stretchy they pulled my bum up and in and they still allowed me to walk normally. They aren't stiff they don't ride up anywhere and when I wear them to work I will be able to do all my normal things (I work with children so I'm up and down off the floor and up and down ladders). 

These are honestly the best jeans I have ever bought, I am not just saying that, when I got home my mom tried them on and asked me to get her a pair too, my mom is the same shape as me. My mom is the type of person who hates clingy things but she loves these jeans, so I will be making another trip to Evans to get these. 

So ladies if you are looking for amazing jeans that you can dress up or down take a look at these babies.

You can find these gorgeous jeans right here. 

See you soon. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Why does it effect me so much?

Hi guys

I hope your all ok.

This is going to be a bit of a quick post but I wanted to write it down quickly.

Lately on instagram I have been more and more shocked about what I call "fatbashing".

Although it has never happened to me personally, as a fat person, (yes I admit it) I feel like I am being hated for my size just because of how I look.

There are accounts set up with no real names just pictures of larger people with stupid sayings on.

Firstly I don't understand how people have the nerve to do this? Someone pointed out to me that its more then likely the same person making these pages and posting, so where do these people find the time? Do they not have a life?

Secondly they have been using #'s like effyourbeautystandards this really miffs me off, this was created to help people, to empower them and if you actually read up on it Tess Holliday created it for all people who do not fit the mold of what some people define as beautiful. No matter what size you are or how you look.

I dont know why this had got to me so badly. Before I have been really vocal about it to my boyfriend and my family but today for some reason it has really effected me.

Why cant people just get on with there lives? Every single person on this earth is different, isn't that what makes us special? If everyone had the same skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, height and weight and all dressed the same what the hell would we have to tell us apart?

These people are horrible individuals, who need to concentrate more on their own lives rather then anyone else's, I was happy today till I noticed how many of these people there are but do you know what I have realised since I have been writing this?

The community I belong to are a community of supportive, friendly, understanding, non discriminative people, that is the type of community I want to belong to, not a group of people who hate, bully and judge.

So you keep going with your hateful ways because me and all us awesome people will be over here building each other up higher and higher till people like you are not in sight anymore!!!!

See you soon