Why I HATE Diets!!!!

Hi Guys 

I hope your all ok. 

So something has really been bugging me a lot since the 1st January and it is the word DIET!!!!!! 

Every time I walk into a shop which sells magazines all you see is front pages full of 


Ok I have no problem with people who want to work out, eat well and lose weight, but why is it that we need diets??? How about head lines like, Healthy Eating Plans, How to Portion Control, Changing Your Eating Habbits. 

Don't get me wrong I am not a hater of people getting healthy, if someone wants to logically sit down and think I am not happy I need to change the way I eat, then all well and good but why do you need to diet? Take a look at what your eating and see where you can make changes. Maybe you are eating the right things but your having too much. I know for me my portion control is something I struggle with, but if I was that unhappy about the way that I look then I would do something about it. 

I have been on a load of diets, and I have found that they (for me at least) don't work. My main ones tend to be the shake ones (not gonna mention any names because there is a lot of them out there) and for me I find that as soon as you come off of them, I gain the weight back twice as fast as I lost it. 

Please understand me that this is from my opinion only and I know there will be people out there who will totally disagree with me, but I think that it would be a much more helpful way to everyone who does want to change, for magazines to help people with healthy eating and planning and offering advice about portion control and changes for junk food cravings for those days when you do just want to binge.

Maybe even join up with gyms offering there subscribers a special rate, lists for local get fit classes, so people can talk to others in the same situation as them.

I just find plastering DIET all over your magazine is silly, to me it seems like a quick fix, you wont be able to keep to a diet for the rest of your life, and when you come off it if you gain the weight back you feel like you failed and do it again, it becomes this whole yo-yo dieting. Where as if you change your life style it is a much easier way, you can still have that cheeky take away or chocolate, because it isn't being strict on yourself, its about knowing where to draw the line. 

As I have said I will probably get people totally disagreeing with me and kicking up a fuss, and probably weight bashing me because of how I look, but as I have said before I am happy with the way I look, so I see no reason why I should change. I am talking about the people that do want to change and don't know where to start. I am also not knocking any particular weight loss program as I have not mentioned any names. What I am saying is that I hate the word Diet I don't think that they work and from personal experience from what I have used, I find that as soon as I stopped I gained again. If  I did want to change the way I look, I would concentrate more on what I am eating, like having more vegetables, how much I am eating, cutting out snacks and getting more exercise. 

So what I guess I am saying is I think it would be more beneficial for magazines to offer a more healthy way for people to control their eating, offering them long term solutions rather then a quick fix. 

Anyway rant over.

See you soon 


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