New Year Changes

Hi Guys 

 I hope you have all had an amazing start to the year and if not don't worry you still have 12 months to make this year brilliant. 

 So this year I am taking total control of my life, I haven't really done this before. I have always done the ''New Year New Me'' thing and then given up on it before January has even ended. 

 This is totally different this is New Year same old me, but I have a plan. 

 Firstly (drum role please) I am starting my Youtube channel (WOOP WOOP), I am planing on uploading my videos soon, I'll be putting the link up soon so when I do click it hit the subscribe button and you will have a first look at my videos.

 Secondly I have decided that every month I am going to set myself some goals, this month they are: 

1. Get a new job 

 I had to leave my previous job because of medical problems but I am hopefully getting that sorted out on Wednesday this week, (I will fill you in on another blog). So my big thing this month is finding a job. 

2.Write at least one blog a week

You guys are amazing for reading my blog and I love you all for it, and so I am going to be writing a new blog and publishing it every Monday for you guys, I may even spoil you and put a couple more up hehe. 

3.Start my YouTube Channel 

This is a big thing for me, I wanted to start one a few years ago but I was too worried but now I am more confident and I love the idea of doing it so this is another part of me you guys can see, so like I said check it out and subscribe :D. 

4.Say one positive thing about myself each day

I am a big body positive person, I believe that you should love the body you are in, if you are unhappy you are the person who can change it, but if you are happy then tell yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. 

 Telling myself one positive thing a day was how I got to love myself, so I will continue. From telling myself that I have a very cute nose, to what an amazing job I have done on painting my nails, yes it may sound silly but compliment yourself and it makes you happy and a bit more confident. Maybe you guys can do it and let me know how it goes.

 So that is January's goals, have you guys got any?? Let me know and maybe we can help each other keep track of them and help each other out with keeping on track. 

 Like I said this is New Year but same old me, only I suppose a bit more organised. 

See you soon 



  1. Hey lottie, I can't wait to see your YouTube video - I am a YouTuber, just started and I LOVE IT! Let me know how you get on x

    1. Hi Leah
      I can't wait to start it and I love you video's :D I've watched a few and they are so good :D xxx

  2. Love a good list - especially a year's worth. Fingers crossed for your hopes.


    1. Hi Georgie
      Thank you hunny :D I'm excited but nervous

  3. So proud of u girly x

    U know that!!


    1. Hi Kat
      Oh hunny you are such an angel :D thank you xxx


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