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Body Confidence

Hi Guys 

I wanted to write a little blog on Body confidence and how I learnt to have a little of it.

When I was younger, like most kids, I was bullied and it was mainly about my weight, looking back now I don't think I was a big child, I was the same as other little girls, but for some reason I was the odd one out and get picked on. 

                                                (little me)

  Sometimes I honestly don't think people realise how hard this can be on some peoples lives, I am quite a sensitive person so anything people say tends to hit me a bit hard. I will always think it is myself who is in the wrong even if I am right. It's just the kind of person I am and I think that this bullying had a huge effect on my life. 

  I was never really happy with who I was or what I looked like, no matter what I would try I could never figure out how to dress, I would always pick totally wrong items for my body shape, but I wanted to dress like my friends. 

  High school was reall…

New Job

Hi Guys 
I hope your all ok. 
I'm sorry I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog but trust me that is about to change. 
I have some amazing news :D I have a brand new job woooooo 
As of the 1st December I am a supervisor in a plus size clothing store call 'Yours'. 
There clothes are amazing and in my next blog I am going to be showing off some of the clothes I have from them. 
I am honestly so happy and proud to be working for them, the store is amazing and I cant wait to start my new journey with them.
Anyway just thought I would drop you all a quick blog to update you all 
Lots of Love  xxx