Primark Haul

Primark Haul 

Hi Everyone 

Well today I have been a bit of a busy bee, I got up early (mainly because of this weather) and went into town, and raided Primark. So I thought I would show all you lovely people what I bought.

The Primark I went into is the one on New Street in Birmingham City Center.

Ok so the main reason I went in was to get a couple more tops for work but then I was distracted by the make up haha, so here are a few things I bought : 


So the first thing I saw was this brow pencil (top picture), I have never really been a brow kind of girl, I only ever pluck I never fill in or anything, but I have been looking into it and I think its time my eyebrows got the same love any attention the rest of my face gets haha. It was £1.50 and I have it in the Light colour. 

So as well as my Paris obsession I have a little thing for nail  varnishes (bottom left). I am very much into my pastel colour's at the moment and I am wearing a pastel purple currently, but I saw this hot pink and fell in love with it. It isn't actually called Hot Pink it doesn't have a name but I loved it and had to have it and for £1.00 it was a bargain, I will post pics of me when I put it on and how you how it is when it is on.

The third make up item I bought is a Lip crayon (bottom right), I have previously used Primarks lip stain and I loved it, so when I saw these I thought ooo give these a go, I got it home and tried it and it is so good, it goes one like an actual crayon, it is a nude colour with glitter in it and it surprisingly lasts a while, it doesn't make your lips feel sticky, and I don't know about other people but I sometimes find lip glosses can feel a little heavy (if that makes sense) and this one feels soc light I love it, it comes in different colours but I was looking for something very nude. It is £1.50 

Make-up Brushes 

Ok so first things first I want to say that I am I not trained in beauty I only use what I like and works for me, sometimes I use things differently but what I do works for me. 

So first thing I bought was a powder foundation brush, I already have my liquid brush I just needed a new powder one, I love this because of the pink at the top, yes silly reason to love it but oh well. Once I got it home and opened it I realised how soft it is and is so nice and this was £1.50.

The next brush I picked up was this eye shadow concealer combi brush, the concealer I use is L'oreal and so it has a brush but I needed a new eye shadow brush to use on the crease of my eye to help blend so I loved this when I saw it, this brush is only £1. 

So as well as going to Primark I also went to poundland yesterday (oh yes I'm a big spender haha). I saw this angled brush and I have always wanted one so I got this too.

Other Stuff ...

I love jewelry I really do and because of me finger size I can never find rings that fit me but these are a god send I love them and I love the colour very girlie and cute, the are £2 for 6, the four rings in the middle I am using as thumb rings, but the two either side I am gonna use on my middle finger. I love these so much and cant stop wearing them. The thing I love the most is I wore these most of the day and I haven't got that nasty green line where I have been wearing them so these are my good buy. 

These I am in love with, I have always wanted fairy lights in my room, I love them and so I saw these and I love them, they look like little chandeliers, they are so cute and sweet, they are battery operated so if you want these make sure you have a lot of AA batteries at home or you pick some up. They are £3 and are currently over my bed and wrapped around my canvas picture. and are so sweet. 

I saw these right at the end of my shop and I had to have them, I am a huge fan of slippers, I did have some Tinker Bell slippers but they have fallen apart and I think these are just so cute, they have a knitted effect on the outside and are so fluffy and soft on the inside, and you cant see but underneath they have 'Love to Lounge'' written on them, and these were £3. 

The last thing I bought was also from poundland, there are 3 vacuum storage bags and a storage box for them. I have a lot of stuff in my room that I like and I want to keep but no room for them, like extra blankets for winter or my unused bedding, and these are amazing for them, the large on is very large, i didn't realise how big it was, but i did need all three and they are now all tucked away vacuumed to within an inch of there lives haha. 


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