New Place For My Blog

Hi Guys and Girls

Ok so I had a bit of a melt down and totally forgot all my details of my last blog and couldn't get back onto my other one, so I deleted it all and I have decided to start a fresh.

I will be putting up all my other blogs on here so I have them still just all fresh and new and new plan to start blogging more.

I know I keep going on the missing list but I have had a lot on but I think blogging will help me get me back on track with my life and it also gives me a place to write everything down and get it out my head. 

So I have a lot of things planned and I have actually written quite a lot just need to start publishing them. So I will be adding the entries from my last blog and then I will be going on to things like :

                                   A Perfect Relaxing Night Alone 
                                   Make up : How I Store Mine 
                                   Body Confidence : My Body Issues 
                                   My new Favorite Shop 
                                   Long Distance : How To Cope When You Live Apart 

And much more. 

Well I hope you like me new home and I hope to hear from you call lovely people, I will be adding my Instagram and Twitter on here soon so follow me on those and you can keep up with my day to day

Love you lots guys 
Lottie Xxx


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