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Health Update

Health Update

Hi guys 
I hope your all doing really good, I just wanted to give you a little update on my health situation. 

Ok so my last post I told you all how I was on my last day on my antibiotics, well I was still in a lot of pain last week, I also found that my tummy was getting swollen, I mean I know I'm a curvy girl but you know when something is wrong, as well as that i also was going dizzy so i decided to go back to the doctors. 

 My doctors is a big surgery as so you tend to see lots of different doctors, which can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the bum, explaining everything to two or three different doctors, but I went in and saw the new doctor.

 He ended up giving me an internal examination, which by the way was embarrassing since he was a rather cute doctor, he took a couple of swobs to go for testing, and ended up telling me I had an infection and the swelling of my tummy and the dizziness was all to do with the infection in my cervix. 

 He put me on two lots of n…

Girls Please Read

Hi Guys and Gals
This is going to be a bit of a wordy blog but it is very important that you take a few minutes to read it guys so please read on. 

In the UK once you reach the age of 25 you are meant to go for a cervical smear, I had been putting mine off for so long, but one day when I was with the nurse I spoke to her about it, she managed to calm my nerves and I booked an appointment for a few days later. 

 So I went in and saw another nurse, who talked me through what was involved. I wont give u all of the gory details, all I will say is it is nothing compared to what I was worrying about, I was so scared it was going to hurt and all kinds of things, but trust me its doesn't. Yes ok it is a little uncomfortable, but no pain. 

So I left and thought omg how easy was that, I sort of got on with work and didn't really think about it because I had a lot of work to do. 

I got home one night and I saw the letter, I opened it and all I could see was the word ''abnormal…

Primark Haul

Primark Haul
Hi Everyone 

Well today I have been a bit of a busy bee, I got up early (mainly because of this weather) and went into town, and raided Primark. So I thought I would show all you lovely people what I bought.
The Primark I went into is the one on New Street in Birmingham City Center.
Ok so the main reason I went in was to get a couple more tops for work but then I was distracted by the make up haha, so here are a few things I bought : 


So the first thing I saw was this brow pencil (top picture), I have never really been a brow kind of girl, I only ever pluck I never fill in or anything, but I have been looking into it and I think its time my eyebrows got the same love any attention the rest of my face gets haha. It was £1.50 and I have it in the Light colour. 
So as well as my Paris obsession I have a little thing for nail  varnishes (bottom left). I am very much into my pastel colour's at the moment and I am wearing a pastel purple currently, but I saw this hot pink…

New Place For My Blog

Hi Guys and Girls

Ok so I had a bit of a melt down and totally forgot all my details of my last blog and couldn't get back onto my other one, so I deleted it all and I have decided to start a fresh.

I will be putting up all my other blogs on here so I have them still just all fresh and new and new plan to start blogging more.

I know I keep going on the missing list but I have had a lot on but I think blogging will help me get me back on track with my life and it also gives me a place to write everything down and get it out my head. 

So I have a lot of things planned and I have actually written quite a lot just need to start publishing them. So I will be adding the entries from my last blog and then I will be going on to things like :

                                   A Perfect Relaxing Night Alone 
                                   Make up : How I Store Mine 
                                   Body Confidence : My Body Issues 
                                   My new Favorite Shop