Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Make Up Academy Haul

Hi Guys 

I hope you have all had an amazing time whether you are celebrating or not I hope you have enjoyed yourself. I'm sorry I haven't been putting up blogs. I'm not gonna lie I spent a lot of time eating drinking and being with my family, but now I'm back and I have a huge plan for next year so keep watching this 

 I am kicking it off with a make up haul. This was ordered the Saturday before Christmas and I was very surprised that I was able to get it Christmas eve. I ordered it from Superdrug and at the moment they are running an offer, if your order from MUA is over £8 you can get a free eyeshadow MUA Pro Palette called 12th Night. So I took total advantage of this, unfortunately when I received my order the pallet had not been included so I am going to email them and see if I can have it. Also a blusher I ordered had been smashed, which is why both of these products are not included in this haul, apart from that everything else I have LOVED so here goes and I hope you enjoy.   

I was so excited when I started using all these items and I used three of these products on Christmas day, just because I couldn't wait to use them. The first thing I am going to talk about is ... 

The MUA Extreme Curl Mascara, a big thing about myself is that I am not a fan of fake eyelashes, I find them hard to put on and the last time someone put them on for me, I ended up getting glue in my eye and it totally put me off, I might try them again but just not at the moment. 
 So I am always on the look out for mascara which will help me look like I have big long curly lashes. The thing I love about this is the curve in the brush it reminds me of the Rimmel mascara I already have. The best thing is it separates the lashes as you use it. I use my eye lash curler first, then I work this through my lashes from the root to tip wiggling the brush, this helps to move the lashes so they don't stick together. By the time I am finished my lashes look curly and long. For my bottom lashes I do the same thing but I turn the brush the other way, this gives both top and bottom lashes a curl outwards, which is the look that I love. You can get this mascara here. 

Next is this amazing Merged Trio Eyeshadow in the colour Emotions. I had tried the MUA palettes before but never the trios, I had heard a lot of good things and so decided to try it and I am so glad I did. The colours are beautiful, it gives girls who are new to make up an amazing opportunity to create looks that they wouldn't know how to. This is because on the back of the pack it shows you where to put the different colours to create a smokey look, this is one of the pieces I wore on Christmas Day, I found it lasted all day and it didn't smudge or run. I will defiantly be getting more of these as they come in different colours. You can get this trio from here. 

This is the MUA Luxe Voluminous Felt Eyeliner and I can honestly say hand on my heart I have never found an easier eyeliner to work with, it goes on so smooth and as you can see you can either have a nice thin line or a thicker line depending on your preference. Personally I love winged eyeliner and I have found it so simple to create my wings with this product. Recently I have been using a gel liner and I finding it harder to use, maybe it is me and I need to practice a bit more but this is amazing and I can not recommend it enough. If I have got you in the mood to buy it check it out here.

All the rest of my items are for my lips so I'll start with this which is the MUA Intense Kisses High intensity gloss in the colour Quick Kiss. I am not really into glosses on my lips I find they come off quickly and I need to keep applying them. I love the colour of this it is so nice and so glossy, so they are right about the high intensity gloss. The only thing I found was it could be sticky on my lips, which I really don't like. So I am a bit 50/50 about it, loving the colour just not the stickiness, you can check it out and the other colours here.

Ok so this is my number 2 favourite from this order, I love it so much, I cant get enough of it. This is MUA lipstick in shade 14 the colour is called Bare. I have been looking for a shade like this for AGES!!!! When I saw it I couldn't click it quick enough, and when it arrived I was not let down, its so nice and creme and soft, it goes on the lips really nicely. The shade is so pretty. I use this for when I want my eyes to have the focus, because it does blend my lips in. The other benefit of this lipstick is the additional little pot it has at the bottom which screws off, not only is this good for you when you store it so you can see the different colours, but also if you are running low, you can use this with a lip brush which I think is so good. I wore this Christmas day and a lot more since and it stays on for a while. I found that when I was drinking it wasn't coming off my lips which makes me love it even more, I will be buying this again and in more colours. If you want to try it you can get it here.

This is the first of the two matte lipsticks I bought, this is MUA Matte in the colour Peachy Keen. I have never really tried matte lipstick, I was worried it would make my lips look dry, but this is a really nice colour, its quite natural, it does take a while to go on and isn't really smooth, but the colour is so pretty. Again it has the little pot on the end too which as I said before has its benefits, but personally I dont think matte is right for me. If you like mattes tho have a look at the MUA range the colours are so nice.

This is the other matte lipstick I got and this is in the colour Scarlet Siren. This is probably the one product I am unsure of, I loved the colour on the website because it looks like such a deep red, but when I got it, it was more of a deep pink colour. I do like it because I don't have that type of colour but it just wasn't what I expected, but like I said before I don't think matte is for me.

Well I hope this little haul has helped and I really think you should check out the MUA website, because they really are an amazing make up brand, and so affordable. 

Hope you all have a nice day.

See you soon 

Monday, 15 December 2014

My Skin Care Routine

Hi Guys 

I hope you’re all ok and having an amazing time in the run up to Christmas. 

  I thought since it is winter, I would do a blog about skin care; since winter can be a hard time for your skin and you need to look after it a little more. 

 So firstly, I want to say I am a bit of a Nivea fan, well, when I say a bit I actually mean I am a HUGE Nivea fan. I love their ‘Daily Essentials’ range it has helped my skin so much. 

 Anyway, when I was a teenager, my skin was horrible; as most teenagers’ are, I had: spots, redness, one day I had oily skin, the next it was dry and flaky, it just seemed to never make up its mind. 

 I tried lots of things to help my skin and nothing really worked, but growing up and now being in my twenties I tend to find things that try and work for me and personally, Nivea has never failed to be totally amazing for my skin. 

  I first used Nivea because of the smell, it was such a nice smell and I just thought this is going to make my skin smell so nice (yes I know you should never judge a product by its smell, but have you smelt Nivea? It’s amazing).

 I started out by just using a cleanser but I have since found that using all of the Nivea range has helped my skin a lot more. So here goes… :D

 So the first product I use is the ‘Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub’, I use this every second day to help my skin, it takes off any dead skin and leaves my skin feeling really clean, which I know sounds silly but it really does feel clean. The only thing I would say is that because it does make you skin feel so clean, it can make it do that squeaky clean feeling, in my opinion I don't like my skin to feel like that, so using a good cleanser afterwards is the best thing to do. 

 Speaking of cleansers, that leads me onto mine; that is the ‘Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner’, this, I use twice a day; it makes my skin feel so nice and smooth. It is easy to apply and one of the things I love is that you can use either water or cotton wool to take this off which means if you like camping or if you are traveling it is so easy to use and there is no excuse not to use it hehe. The other thing is because it is ‘2 in 1’ you don't need to worry about picking up a separate toner. 


Always, always follow up cleansing and toning with a moisturiser, and I use the ‘Daily Essentials Day Cream’ for the day and the ‘Rich Regenerating Night Cream’ for the night time, these are so nice they smell amazing and they are incredible for my skin they leave it feeling nice and clean and so soft.

  The ‘Daily Essentials’ Range has different products for different skin types, so I use Normal & Combination skin types. Have a look at the type of skin you have a check out Nivea for the range or any products that you want to try out. 

 The other things I just want to add are that Nivea do not test on animals, which is very important to me, they also use Vitamin E which helps your skin to repair itself and also it’s great for protection. The other thing you may notice on the packaging is that they talk about Hydra IQ this helps to keep your skin hydrated; this is really good for your skin. 

 The other items I use from Nivea are the ‘Invisible for Black and White’, I love this, it really does help with the white marks, I tend to wear a lot of black tops and I don't find any white patches on them. The other one I use is the ‘Double Effect’ which again smells amazing (yes I do think I have an obsession with nice smelling things lol). Finally, I also use the ‘Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes’, I use these when I come home and take my make up off, I tend to come up, PJs on hair up and make up off, and this is amazing for it. 

 There you have it, that is my Daily Skin Care Routine and it really does have a good effect on my skin, it is so nice and smooth and I find that I hardly get any break outs so a very big thank you to Nivea for making my skin amazing. I hope this has helped if you have any break outs maybe you can go try it and let me know what you think. 

See you soon 


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Little Bit Of A Rant

Hi Guys 

  I know my last post was a bit of a series one but I just wanted to write one about something this is really bugging me and that is something a lot of people have been talking about. So I thought I'd have my little say about it, the topic is body image in the media. 

  It seems to me in the media you are never safe when it comes to your body. If you are a size 8 and you have had a big lunch you are either piling on the pounds or you are pregnant. If you are bigger then a size 8 you are considered fat and everyone wants to comment on it. 

 The reason I decided to write about this is because of all the things that is being said in the media about TOWIE star Gemma Collins. Yes ok she left the jungle after a couple of days big woop!!! Why is it that people such as the ''everybody hater'' Katie Hopkins has to pass judgment on her size. Just because Gemma is a curvy girl doesn't mean that is the reason for her leaving the jungle, she had personal issues as to why she wanted to go and why do people find it appropriate to jump straight to the weight of people. 

 When I meet a person I judge them on their personality and comments that they pass, I do not make a judgement on a person as to there weight, gender, race or anything, but it seems totally fine for the media to pass judgement on people because of this. 

 The amount of times I have been in a shop and seen magazines with titles about people loosing weight or gaining weight, SO WHAT!!!! 

 They are people at the end of the day, there is so much more that these magazines can write about rather then drawing attention to peoples weight. Why is it anyone else's business. 

 It is the magazines that do these stories and particular fashion designers that have made weight an issue. I have been reading a book called 'The Vogue Facter'' written by Kirstie Clements, who used to be the editor of Australian Vogue, in the book she covers this area about why the magazines rarely put plus size women in their magazines and it all comes down to fashion designers, they do sample sizes that are sent out to the magazines and they feel better about their clothes being on size 6 or smaller models, well I have one thing to say about that.

             THE AVERAGE WOMEN IS NOT A SIZE 6!!!!!!!!!!!! 

   Maybe it is just me but I feel that designers are out of this world to think that every single women is a single digit dress size. In the UK the average dress size is 14-16, so why cant they make clothes for us average women?

  Sorry to have such a rant, and jump from one topic to another but it was really getting to me, RANT OVER.  

See ya Soon Guys and Gals 
Lottie Xxx

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Body Confidence

Hi Guys 

I wanted to write a little blog on Body confidence and how I learnt to have a little of it.

When I was younger, like most kids, I was bullied and it was mainly about my weight, looking back now I don't think I was a big child, I was the same as other little girls, but for some reason I was the odd one out and get picked on. 

                                                (little me)                                                  

  Sometimes I honestly don't think people realise how hard this can be on some peoples lives, I am quite a sensitive person so anything people say tends to hit me a bit hard. I will always think it is myself who is in the wrong even if I am right. It's just the kind of person I am and I think that this bullying had a huge effect on my life. 

  I was never really happy with who I was or what I looked like, no matter what I would try I could never figure out how to dress, I would always pick totally wrong items for my body shape, but I wanted to dress like my friends. 

  High school was really the time when I was putting weight on, I was eating way too much and it was all the wrong things, my mom would give me money to go to school with and I'd just spend it on sweet on the way home and then eat a full dinner and pudding.

  Then in college it was even worse, there was a pizza place a few minutes walk away and being paid to go to college made it too easy for me and my friends to quickly pop down to the pizza place in our break. 

 The worst time for my weight gain was when I was working in an office, I wasn't active because I would be sat at my desk all day, it never really hit me till I starting going for nights out with friends and they would put pictures up of me, this is when my yo yo dieting started. 

 When I went to uni I was at my biggest weight but between the September I started and January after Christmas I actually lost over two stone in weight. The down side to this was I was doing it the wrong way, spending my money on nights out instead of food, this stopped and even though I was eating properly I was gaining more and more weight. By the time I left uni I was back up to my original weight. 

 I had been to two different gyms and I was fine for a few months and then I would just stop, I was getting very down because of my size and I didn't know what to do, thankfully I was sent a little angel tho, in the form of an amazing women called Tess Munster. 

 Tess is a plus size model in the USA and she is all about body confidence, I started to follow her on Instagram and on Facebook and I loved all the photos she would take and all the positive messages she would put up. 

 The first time I thought to myself that I can love my body is a picture I saw, which was of Tess in a two piece bikini and she has written a letter to ''Society'' ...

  When I look at this picture I see the most amazing strong women and I thought, you know what why can't I think that, I am a FAT women, (oooo ye I totally dropped the ''F'' word) and I am going to learn to love every last inch of my fat body, because if I don't love me then why would anyone else. 

 I decided for every negative thing I said about myself I would say two positive things, because there is only so much negativity you can say about yourself.

 It really worked for me, when ever I would think 'Omg I look huge' I would also think 'but I have such nice eyes and the cutest nose' and slowly I started to build myself up. 

 I am the first person to admit that the bad things are the easiest things to believe but actually look at yourself and saying positive things always works, I also find my best friends ben and jerry help if I am having a bad day hehe. 

  The other thing that helps are my friends, family and my boyfriend, they give me confidence, my friends are always there to tell me how much of an amazing person I am, my mom and dad are amazing for when I am feeling down and my boyfriend is always telling my how nice I look and that really does help but it really does start from you. 

 So maybe the next time you think something bad about yourself maybe think of two positive things to go with it, trust me it is hard I'm not going to lie, but you get use to doing it and you start to believe yourself.

 The other thing about getting a boost is something I got to do the other day, which is to meet my idol, Tess came over to the UK, and I get to meet her and speck to her, I got total star struck and probably sounded like a babbling idiot haha but I got to meet her and OMG she is the nicest person I have ever met, I couldn't think of the words to tell her that I have so much admiration for her because of how she helped me to over come everything I was going through and how much I hated myself, so ye I did really just babble lol. 

                                         (me and tess)

   What I am trying to say guys and girls is that no matter what size or shape you are whether its like me 5ft tall and a size 18 or you are 6ft tall and a size 8, everyone needs to love themselves. 

  You only have one body and you should LOVE IT, so next time you think something negative about yourself, look in the mirror and think of two good things. 

Love you all


Saturday, 22 November 2014

New Job

Hi Guys 

I hope your all ok. 

I'm sorry I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog but trust me that is about to change. 

I have some amazing news :D I have a brand new job woooooo 

As of the 1st December I am a supervisor in a plus size clothing store call 'Yours'. 

There clothes are amazing and in my next blog I am going to be showing off some of the clothes I have from them. 

I am honestly so happy and proud to be working for them, the store is amazing and I cant wait to start my new journey with them.

Anyway just thought I would drop you all a quick blog to update you all 

Lots of Love 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Health Update

Health Update

Hi guys 

I hope your all doing really good, I just wanted to give you a little update on my health situation. 

Ok so my last post I told you all how I was on my last day on my antibiotics, well I was still in a lot of pain last week, I also found that my tummy was getting swollen, I mean I know I'm a curvy girl but you know when something is wrong, as well as that i also was going dizzy so i decided to go back to the doctors. 

 My doctors is a big surgery as so you tend to see lots of different doctors, which can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the bum, explaining everything to two or three different doctors, but I went in and saw the new doctor.

 He ended up giving me an internal examination, which by the way was embarrassing since he was a rather cute doctor, he took a couple of swobs to go for testing, and ended up telling me I had an infection and the swelling of my tummy and the dizziness was all to do with the infection in my cervix. 

 He put me on two lots of new antibiotics and also an anti inflammatory to help my tummy to stop swelling up, he then gave me another few days off. 

So it is Tuesday today and I am due back to work on Thursday so I thought to get used to being at work little by little I would go for walks and things to build myself up for work. Yesterday I had gone for a walk and my tummy started getting really bad cramps in the afternoon so I wanted to check with the doctor what pain killers I could take to deal with the pain. 

 I called the doctor today and this is where I am getting quite angry, I spoke to a very nice doctor, he is the doctor who started the surgery and what he told me has really made me mad. When I first had my colposcopy the clinic said i would be able to get back to work the following day, the next doctor told me to rest for a week, and then the next told me to take the new medication and rest. So today I spoke to another doctor,  he told me he didn't understand why I hadn't been signed off for more time then I had been, that what I had been through was very hard on my body and that I needed to rest, and that sometimes these things can take up to 3 weeks to recover from, so not only was the clinic wrong but I have now been signed off work for another few days to rest. 

I told one of my friends about this and she defiantly hit the nail on the head with saying the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and that I could have cause myself more damage, I am really not happy. I don't know what to do now apart from rest which is what I have been doing. 

I am so angry, I cant go back to work, I feel like a let down to the guys I work with because I honestly want to go back, but I know if I do I am going to be in so much pain. 

 I am going to be hearing off of my doctor on Friday to have a follow up talk and to give me my test results from the swobs he took, so maybe I can talk to him about it a little more, but I am really not happy 

Have any of you ever been through this??? If so maybe you can email me at 


this is my new email for my blog, if you have any questions or any advice or even if you would like to request a blog for me to do then email me :D

I hope you guys have a great few days 

Talk soon 



Girls Please Read

Hi Guys and Gals

This is going to be a bit of a wordy blog but it is very important that you take a few minutes to read it guys so please read on. 

In the UK once you reach the age of 25 you are meant to go for a cervical smear, I had been putting mine off for so long, but one day when I was with the nurse I spoke to her about it, she managed to calm my nerves and I booked an appointment for a few days later. 

 So I went in and saw another nurse, who talked me through what was involved. I wont give u all of the gory details, all I will say is it is nothing compared to what I was worrying about, I was so scared it was going to hurt and all kinds of things, but trust me its doesn't. Yes ok it is a little uncomfortable, but no pain. 

So I left and thought omg how easy was that, I sort of got on with work and didn't really think about it because I had a lot of work to do. 

I got home one night and I saw the letter, I opened it and all I could see was the word ''abnormal''. I couldn't focus on anything else, all I could see was this word and I started to panic. I gave the letter to my mom and she read it, she tried to clam me down by saying that they didn't know what it was and so it could be nothing. 

It turned out that I had something call low grade dyskaryosis and the cells they had taken on the smear had been infected, they didn't know how many cells were effected tho.

The letter said they had booked me an appointment for a coloscopy which is a very big word for a magnifying glass, it gives the doctor a better view of your cervix, to see how many of my cells were infected, and which treatment I would need to sort this out. 

There were three out comes of this procedure, CIN1 where only a small amount of cells are infected, they can sometimes leave these to sort themselves out as the body will fight off the infection by itself. CIN2 mean a little more cells are infected and I may need treatment, CIN3 means a lot of my cells are infected and I would defiantly need treatment to remove the infection. What I would like to point out now is that this is NOT a sign that I have cancer, it is a sign of cells that can possibly develop into cancer, the doctors are not looking for cancer just things that could possibly lead to it. 

I am not gonna lie, I was petrified, I have never been so scared in my life, and the weeks leading up to the coloscopy were some of the worst of my life. 

On the day I went to the Womens hospital in Birmingham, and was shown into the room by the nurse, I was put into this big chair, with stirrups in, I put my legs on them and lay back, the chair lifted and to be honest the only thing I was thinking the entire time was ''OMG everyone in this room can see my foof right now''. 

The nurse was lovely she was asking me normal question but was also talking me through what the doctor was doing. Then out of no where the nurse said ''Ok the doctor is going to take a biopsy now'' my heart sort of skipped a beat, I had no idea he was going to take a biopsy, and it scared me so much, the nurse told me I would feel a pinch, and the first time they did it, it was just that sort of like having a needle prick but obviously in a more sensitive place. 

Ok so this may put a few people off but please don't let it this is just my experience. The next biopsy was totally different, I wasn't prepared for it and it was a shock and felt so much more painful then the first, imagine about 3 needles all in one spot, it really did hurt, at this point I ended up jumping and then nurse sort of had to grab me and calm me down and tell me it would be ok. Of course all I was thinking was 'ye right easy for you to say I bet no one has shoved a needle in you foof before!' But of course I was polite and just sort of winced at her.

Once it was over they put this mustardy colour paste there to stop any bleeding as it recovered itself. 

The doctor told me that I would be fine to return to work and that I would get some pain that was like a period pain and that I should just take my normal pain relief. 

The next day was uncomfortable but I took my pain killers and it seemed to ease off. The Friday tho it sort of hit me like a truck, I went into work and ended up crying in front of one of the girls I work with, when the other team leader came in she said for me to phone the doctors since I might have an infection. 

That afternoon I went into the doctors and she said that my cervix may have gone into shock because of what it had happened, since the cervix is the most sensitive part of my body, she told me I need to rest and relax, she gave me a week off work and some antibiotics, since it turned out that yes I had an infection, and said if the pain hadn't gone by three days later I was to go in and see her. 

Tomorrow is the last day I am to take the antibiotics and I am still in a little pain, not as much as I was but still in pain. 

I was told I was going to hear of my test results in the next couple of weeks and I'm not gonna lie I am so scared, it is like being at the top of a cliff and not knowing whats gonna happen, its that scared feeling you get when someone says 'we need to talk' I constantly have a lump in my throat and I know it wont go until I hear back. 

The reason I have written this blog is because I want to make all girls aware that this is something that can happen to anyone. I am 26 years old I should have gone to my first smear last year and I didn't and I was an idiot because of it. 

September is Gynecological awareness month and I am wanting to raise as much awareness as possible. 

There is a campaign going on at the moment called #nofeargosmear 

below are a few links to look at :




Please Please girls if you are in the age for your countries to go get this done then please do, if you are younger but you think there is a problem go and see your doctor, they will not judge you or make you feel silly. They are there to help us, so please girls go!!!

Love you lots 


Primark Haul

Primark Haul 

Hi Everyone 

Well today I have been a bit of a busy bee, I got up early (mainly because of this weather) and went into town, and raided Primark. So I thought I would show all you lovely people what I bought.

The Primark I went into is the one on New Street in Birmingham City Center.

Ok so the main reason I went in was to get a couple more tops for work but then I was distracted by the make up haha, so here are a few things I bought : 


So the first thing I saw was this brow pencil (top picture), I have never really been a brow kind of girl, I only ever pluck I never fill in or anything, but I have been looking into it and I think its time my eyebrows got the same love any attention the rest of my face gets haha. It was £1.50 and I have it in the Light colour. 

So as well as my Paris obsession I have a little thing for nail  varnishes (bottom left). I am very much into my pastel colour's at the moment and I am wearing a pastel purple currently, but I saw this hot pink and fell in love with it. It isn't actually called Hot Pink it doesn't have a name but I loved it and had to have it and for £1.00 it was a bargain, I will post pics of me when I put it on and how you how it is when it is on.

The third make up item I bought is a Lip crayon (bottom right), I have previously used Primarks lip stain and I loved it, so when I saw these I thought ooo give these a go, I got it home and tried it and it is so good, it goes one like an actual crayon, it is a nude colour with glitter in it and it surprisingly lasts a while, it doesn't make your lips feel sticky, and I don't know about other people but I sometimes find lip glosses can feel a little heavy (if that makes sense) and this one feels soc light I love it, it comes in different colours but I was looking for something very nude. It is £1.50 

Make-up Brushes 

Ok so first things first I want to say that I am I not trained in beauty I only use what I like and works for me, sometimes I use things differently but what I do works for me. 

So first thing I bought was a powder foundation brush, I already have my liquid brush I just needed a new powder one, I love this because of the pink at the top, yes silly reason to love it but oh well. Once I got it home and opened it I realised how soft it is and is so nice and this was £1.50.

The next brush I picked up was this eye shadow concealer combi brush, the concealer I use is L'oreal and so it has a brush but I needed a new eye shadow brush to use on the crease of my eye to help blend so I loved this when I saw it, this brush is only £1. 

So as well as going to Primark I also went to poundland yesterday (oh yes I'm a big spender haha). I saw this angled brush and I have always wanted one so I got this too.

Other Stuff ...

I love jewelry I really do and because of me finger size I can never find rings that fit me but these are a god send I love them and I love the colour very girlie and cute, the are £2 for 6, the four rings in the middle I am using as thumb rings, but the two either side I am gonna use on my middle finger. I love these so much and cant stop wearing them. The thing I love the most is I wore these most of the day and I haven't got that nasty green line where I have been wearing them so these are my good buy. 

These I am in love with, I have always wanted fairy lights in my room, I love them and so I saw these and I love them, they look like little chandeliers, they are so cute and sweet, they are battery operated so if you want these make sure you have a lot of AA batteries at home or you pick some up. They are £3 and are currently over my bed and wrapped around my canvas picture. and are so sweet. 

I saw these right at the end of my shop and I had to have them, I am a huge fan of slippers, I did have some Tinker Bell slippers but they have fallen apart and I think these are just so cute, they have a knitted effect on the outside and are so fluffy and soft on the inside, and you cant see but underneath they have 'Love to Lounge'' written on them, and these were £3. 

The last thing I bought was also from poundland, there are 3 vacuum storage bags and a storage box for them. I have a lot of stuff in my room that I like and I want to keep but no room for them, like extra blankets for winter or my unused bedding, and these are amazing for them, the large on is very large, i didn't realise how big it was, but i did need all three and they are now all tucked away vacuumed to within an inch of there lives haha. 

New Place For My Blog

Hi Guys and Girls

Ok so I had a bit of a melt down and totally forgot all my details of my last blog and couldn't get back onto my other one, so I deleted it all and I have decided to start a fresh.

I will be putting up all my other blogs on here so I have them still just all fresh and new and new plan to start blogging more.

I know I keep going on the missing list but I have had a lot on but I think blogging will help me get me back on track with my life and it also gives me a place to write everything down and get it out my head. 

So I have a lot of things planned and I have actually written quite a lot just need to start publishing them. So I will be adding the entries from my last blog and then I will be going on to things like :

                                   A Perfect Relaxing Night Alone 
                                   Make up : How I Store Mine 
                                   Body Confidence : My Body Issues 
                                   My new Favorite Shop 
                                   Long Distance : How To Cope When You Live Apart 

And much more. 

Well I hope you like me new home and I hope to hear from you call lovely people, I will be adding my Instagram and Twitter on here soon so follow me on those and you can keep up with my day to day

Love you lots guys 
Lottie Xxx